These are the rules i live by. No i'm not old enough to be married but i still live by them. I aply them to todays life and i make sure to be the best that i can. Only take them to heart if you feel nessasary to do so.

Rules to Being a Lady

1] It's not just that a Lady doesn't burp, but she must know how and never do so in public.

2] A Lady mustn't show her knees. She doesn't want to embarrass her husband or father by being thought scandalous.

3] A Lady must accept what life brings her. Not because frustration is dishonorable but because it will teach her how to help others through their struggles.

4] A Lady will love her man even when he has been gone for a long time.

5] A Lady must be stronger than she appears, for it is not man's job to protect her, but her job to protect him.

6] A Lady must be educated. She does not want to be thought as just another pretty face, but as her own person.

7] A Lady should know how to laugh. There is nothing less attractive than a scornful woman.

8] A Lady must be in charge of her own kitchen. The food is being made for her family and there should be no one who knows them better than her.

9] A Lady is in charge of her own house. When she tells someone to take off their shoes, she will not let them take another step without obeying her command.

10] A Lady will NOT under any circumstance settle for a man who does not love her. A proper Lady deserves love.

11] A Lady shouldn't expect life to be handed to her. She has to work just as hard as anyone else because it will make her proud to know that she got there by her own will.

12] A Lady shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. She isn't perfect and thus she won't be able to do everything without at least little bit of help.

13] A Lady should put herself last in everything. It will show that she has dignity and will bring honour to everyone who associates with her.

14] A Lady should feel free to show her emotions and opinions. She is a person in her own right and she never knows when she may inspire change.

15] A Lady is to provide hope for her family; weather that hope comes through her faith in God or through her happiness that she shows to her family. Once a mother or wife loses hope, her whole family loses hope as well.

16] A Lady must know that she is her own person. She is not to let anyone take that away from her. A Lady is the heart of her family and the pride of her father. If she is nobody, then so are they that she brings honour to.

Yes a Lady must be many things and at times she must ditch all the rules to show that she cares. A Lady is contradictory, but that is what makes her the best suitable for the core of a family. Her family is the most important thing in her life and she must treat them as such. If a Lady was in the least bit delicate, this world would be lost of all sense; for a man is not a proper man without a wise Lady by his side keeping him stable.

So these are my guide lines. Take what you want from them and remember that who you are reflects on everyone around you.

Long live the Good King in Heaven and may he bless your days.