How to Write With Lucius Drake

Hello, everyone! While Mr. Noklevername is to "busy" (By of which I mean writing crappy scripts) to publish more of my novel "How to Take Over the World", I have written a guide to the writing style I use for my novel. Did I mention my novel? Good. Anyway, let's get back on the guide!

Step 1: Get a concept.

This is one of the hardest parts of writing a novel. A very difficult part is accepting that their isn't many plots, and you want to make something that is entirely original. I have included a list of plots that I suggest using:

1: Your hero is trying to get something.

2: Your hero is trying to get somewhere.

3: Your hero is trying to impress someone.

4: Your hero is trying to get money or treasure.

5: Your hero is trying to obtain fame.

6: A retelling, maybe in the perspective of another character, or just changing a major part of the plot.

7: A nonsense story, maybe your hero has a nonsense goal, or maybe everyone but the main character is nonsense.

8: A guide, as I am doing right now.

9: A parody of a trend or character.

Have you chosen one (Or more) of those? Good. Now, keep in mind that they're very many more plots than that, but those are easier ones to start with.