Full Summary: Eve is in the wrong place at the wrong time, or so she thinks. When frightening murders plague an end-of-the-summer party, she and her friends must fight for their lives. Afraid of wrongful accusations, they flee into a nearby Montana forest where they decide to hide until the scene blows over and the murderer is caught. Little do they know, they have more to be worried about in the forest than they originally thought.


January 21st 1995

"I know you all just came back from a long winter break, but I expect you all to read and take notes on chapters twenty through twenty-four in Into the Criminal Mind by your next class." A haggard looking professor assigned his second year college class. A couple inaudible groans erupted from the sides of the room, but they knew better than to let their professor hear them. The class took this as a cue to be dismissed, and began to pack up their bags.

A woman with sleek dark brown hair and tan skin packed up her backpack slowly. She needed to talk to her professor after class, because over the long break, she had thought of many questions yet to ask.

"Professor, I have a couple questions for you." She said.

The bearded man looked up with a smile. "Ah, Natalee Wilson. What questions could my brightest student have?"

True, she was in the top 5% of the class, but she still had her questions. "Recently the topic of serial killers has caught my interest and I've been doing some research." Her professor gave her a look to continue, obviously interested in what she had to say.

"I read in our textbook about the psychological aspect of serial killers. Why they kill, and so on."

The professor furrowed his graying eyebrows. "Well, you must know by now that most serial killers are possessed with the thought of some idea or tangible object, even people can be their obsession."

Natalee nodded her head in agreement. "Yes, of course, that's the basic idea of a serial killer's behavior. But I wanted to make sure I understood a concept correctly. The book seemed to portray the idea that murderers have potential to become a serial killer by wanting to reproduce their first killing in attempt to get the same 'rush' felt in the past with their first victim."

The professor cleared his throat and stood up from his desk. "I love to see a student working to understand the behavioral side of criminal justice. You were quite correct in understanding the material that the book provided. With right circumstance, it is likely that a murderer can become a serial killer."

"But is there a fine line between a murderer and a serial killer?" Natalee questioned, her brown eyes analyzing every word.

"No, it's more distinct." Her professor explained. "Typically one is considered a serial killer when more than three murders occur in a relatively short period of time, such as a couple of months. For example, many murderers become serial killers due to a psychological desire to recreate their first killing because it made such a huge impression on them in the first place. But that's a lesson for another day. We'll go deep into profiling criminals another time!"

"Thank you, professor." Natalee nodded. "That was very insightful." She smiled and turned around to walk out of the classroom.

"Oh, and Natalee," The professor called, just as she was opening the door. She turned around swiftly. "I just wanted to tell you, that with your reasoning skills and ability to be in tune to details such as in our textbook, you'd make a great profiler someday."

Natalee smiled widely and thanked her professor. She hoped that someday she could do just that, and save many lives in the process.

Authors' Note: Thanks for reading the prologue to what we hope to be the first of many updates to this story! We would like to stress that me are NOT college professors and have never taken any classes on criminal justice, and that we wrote this paragraph on prior knowledge. If you have any feedback, questions or comments, email us or leave a comment. Our email is on our profile page. Our story doesn't revolve around Natalee, but watch out for guest appearances later in our story! Here's a preview of the next chapter: Timing Is Everything. We will be updating everything Thursday, including this coming Thursday, so keep an eye out for it!

"The room exploded into a chorus of screaming, crying, and yelling. Mason and I stood in the corner, our eyes wide in shock. My body felt ice cold. This prank wasn't funny anymore. I saw group of people rush for the front door, but most couldn't get there before the lights went off for a second time."