Perfection, what was it? Long, creamy, purple, curly hair. Dark, doll-like, plum eyes. Flawless, porcelain white, soft looking skin. With all these attributes, I, myself was perfection.

As I criticize my appearance through an Egyptian styled mirror, my bedroom door creaks open and a tall figure walks in.

"Mei Ella-sama, you're father has requested your presence."

I don't turn to look at my butler, Aoi-kun. Instead, I gawk at my wonderful appearance through the mirror.

His mother's been a maid here since birth. Just like his mother, Aoi-kun was solely born to serve my family. His father's identity has been hidden from him by his mother. I don't understand as to why she chooses not to tell him.

We used to play together, laugh together and tell each other everything on our mind.

Until the day I discovered that I was to marry a man of my father's choice.

"Mei Ella-sama?" Aoi-kun uttered gently.

I stare at my reflection with lifeless eyes then somehow managed to slowly, softly respond, "Yes… I'll be there soon."

I glance at Aoi-kun through my golden framed mirror. His dark blue hair covered his matching dark blue eyes only slightly. His suit was crisp and neat. Just like always.

After today, I won't be able to see him as often as I do now. At least I don't wish to.

I walk towards him slowly then leap into his arms like a child.

"Mei Ella-sama…" He spits with surprise.

I explain with a low voice, "Today will be the final day I will be able to easily hold you like this."

He knew what I meant. I could tell by the way he stayed silent. It was well known among the servants that I was to marry a man of wealth. It needn't be said. For the one, last time he hugs me in return.

We both had agreed to end our feelings the day of my selection. It was better this way. Less trouble, less difficulty.

"I'm sorry." I say quietly, although I wasn't sure if I actually was.

"It's what we must do, don't apologize." He states quietly.

"You're right." I agreed.

He whispers into my ear ever so softly, "I'll miss holding you like this."

Suddenly, he dips his head lower and leans into a kiss. In response, I go upon the tip of my toes and I proceed to kiss him back. He draws back and looks me in the eyes. I know this look. It was time to go. I waited for him to speak but no sound. I simply nodded and walked out with my usual blank face.

Down two sets of staircases and left at the end of the hall laid my father's office. His home within his home.

I held my breath for about three seconds and then let it exit my lungs. I push open the door and take a seat on a brown leather chair. My father looks up with a smile and held a black folder to my face.

"It contains every one of your potential husbands. I want you to choose at least two. I'll set up appointments for you to meet them individually as well."

Emotionlessly, I take the black folder and open it.

The first page contained Nakamura Kai's picture, name and description. He's the son of the most well known, high efficiency bank of Western Asia.

I had met him once at a banquet.

He eyed a table filled with beautiful cakes and pastries with awe. I asked as to why he didn't just take one and eat rather than watching them being consumed by others. It was just sweet food. He looked hurt as he explained the effort it may have taken for the chefs to create them all. Yes, they were eye appealing. However, I didn't understand the need of constantly watching them.

He seemed interesting.

"Father, I want him as one of my candidates."I said as I lifted my face to see his.

He grinned, "One of my favorites. Are you sure? You've only seen the first page…"

I nod.

"Alright, I'll contact his father and set up a date."

I flipped the page, nothing interesting. I flipped the page again, nothing caught my eye. I basically went through almost half the folder when alas, a pair of eyes captured me.

They were silver-white. They seemed so full of life, alive but dead. I wonder why… They were so beautiful, captivating, and different.

I didn't even think. I yelled boldly with my naturally quiet voice, "Him. I want him too father."

I stared at my father's sun-filled eyes with power.

He studied me for a moment then asked, "Are you positive?"


"I see… You do understand that this boy lacks the ability to support you… His eyes too, they're not the most... appealing."

I bowed my head to see the picture of the boy with silver-white eyes once more. What about him wasn't appealing? He looks like an angel. He looks like he isn't even real.

Beautiful boy. Beautiful Girl. Perfect.

He is perfect.

I, am perfect.

I raised my head and with a confused face I confirmed, "Yes. I'm sure." Not even bothering to argue about his statement. Has my father lost his idea of beauty? Pity. He use to see the potential of perfection so well.

"Okay." He said with a stern face, "He is a child of a background and family most useful and beneficial to our modeling company. Just keep in mind, this boy was of your own free choice." I stare at him intensely. What's wrong with my choice? How can he not see the perfect boy's flawless face? "I'll call for you in an hour. That should be enough time to contact the father's of the children you selected."

"Yes, please make an arrangement." With those words, I exited my father's office and sought out Aoi-kun.

After journeying through various halls for about twenty minutes, I heard a voice behind me, "Mei Ella-sama?"

"Yes?" I turn and startled, a handsome, blue haired butler stood before me.

"Will you allow me to escort you to your study?" Aoi-kun states with no question in his voice.

I nod and we travel to a medium size room with dark red curtains.

"Did you select the two young men of your choice?" He asks with a curious yet serious expression.

"Yes, I'll return to father in an hour."

"I see…" He says then smirks, "Huh, it's hopeless after all."

I say nothing. There is nothing to say.

"Well, congratulations to you. I must prepare for the celebration. My apologies, I'll take my leave.'

I turn to face the window,"Right, please return to your work."

He exits.

My life is to constantly be commanded by my father. Yes. It was supposed to be like this. I'm the only daughter of the top modeling company in the world. My mother's the daughter of the British Advertisement Industries.

How is she doing?... I wonder as I sit on my black desk which is directly beside my window. She's been in England for a year now… What will she think of the people I selected? For sure, she will be able to see how interesting Nakamura-san is and the beauty of the other.

Will I come to love one of the boys I selected? If my memories are correct, the first one, Nakamura Kai, wasn't boring like most wealthy children.

He wanted to be a chef. I laughed at his idea. After all, it wasn't realistic to desire to be something other than to take over your father's business.

Nakamura Kai… He has orange hair and wonderful purple eyes like mine. He's not that awful looking. In fact, he's handsome.

The second boy I selected... Oh… My, I seemed to have forgotten to read his description and name… I foolishly only looked at his picture.

What is he like? What if he was boring and uninteresting like most wealthy boys? Why did he have silver-white eyes? No one has eyes of that color. His skin was just flawless as mine too. It was like smooth snow. His soft looking, pale blonde hair fell just at the top of his eyes.

A knock disrupts my thoughts. "Yes, come in." I call.

"Mei Ella-sama, your father has requested your presence once again." A voice says from behind me. It wasn't Aoi-kun. This voice was much too deep and elderly sounding.

I hop off my study desk.

"Has it been an hour already?" I look at the clock. "I see… I'll be on my way."

Again, I journey to my father's office and push the door open, carefully.

"Ah, Mei Ella-chan! Great news, I booked a marriage interview with the two boys you selected. The first one shall be held tomorrow at nine o'clock. The second shall be held the day after tomorrow at nine o'clock as well." He pauses, and then says with a giddy face, "It will take place in the garden palace. It is an extremely exquisite location, almost impossible to book. Luckily, the manager's a good friend of mine. Oh of course, Aoi-kun, your butler, will escort you there."

Oh my. Aoi-kun? Will that mean that he will be able to watch? What shall I do? It may be a bit...


He's no longer anything more than my butler. I needn't take concern in him. "I understand."

"Wonderful! Now, please rest. Prepare for your 16th birthday celebration tonight. I've invited both the young men, along with their families, of your liking to this event. If you'd like, you may greet them." My father states.

"Yes, father." I return to my bedroom and bathe.

"Hello Mei Ella-sama. We've finally received your requested Gothic Lolita ball gown. Would you like to put it on now?"

I jerk my head with excitement towards Lyan-san, my maid. She wasn't born to serve my family like Aoi-kun and many other servants. No, she was discovered at the foot of our gates in mud and a thin, torn dress when she was six. She's four years older than me.

"Let me see it." I say eagerly.

I get up from the bath, grab my towel and wrap it around me. Then power walk towards my other maid whom holds my carefully designed dress.

"Ah, Mei Ella-sama! Please, try on your dress!" Kahoko-san says in a panic.

"Yes…" I utter as I reach to touch the material of the dress. I make my way to the mirror near my window.

Lyan-san and Kahoko-san dress me into my newly designed dress. Then soon after, they pulled the hair which framed my face to the back of my head and secured it with a black, thick bow.

I dismiss them and critiqued myself using my taller mirror. I really look like a doll. A beautiful perfect doll. No one can surpass me. Ever. I pretend to be in another photo shoot and pose a few times. I adore designing and modeling clothes. It's quite fun. I twirl around to show off my ball gown which I designed myself. It's beautiful. Just like me.

I glance out the window and realize that many people have already arrived. There are still many other people to come. My father and mother have invited about nine hundred people. Not including the various television interviewers with their crews.

This won't be a problem. My home is extremely larger. Mansion is an extreme understatement. It's almost like a castle. There are six floors, my room lies on the highest one.

I am to enter my own party in an hour.

My birth's celebration shall now soon begin.