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Matt's POV

When the Alpha told my brother and I were assigned to "pick up" a girl with curly red hair and green eyes I didn't know what to think. He had said we only needed to grab the girl and bring her back with us, safely. He didn't seem to realize how difficult that would be.

Seeing the girl go and fight Logan off, did make me have a smidge of respect for her. She had just beaten a teenage werewolf that was stronger and faster than her. She was also smart enough to try to get her friends attention, although she almost burst my ear drums from her screaming.

After I knocked the girl unconscious I slung her over my back, her right arm and leg hooked over my shoulder (it's called the fireman's hold). I gripped her upper leg and arm and then started to run towards Logan who had finally gotten off the ground. Although he didn't stop rubbing the angry orange line of pepper spray that ran across his eyes.

"Hold off those mutts from the Silver Spring Pack. Give me enough time to reach the border and then high tail it to the pack house." I told him quickly. He nodded. "And do something about this damn dog!" The little white demon had been growling and biting at my ankles since I knocked the girl out.

As I ran into the forest Logan called, "Wait! What do I do with the dog?"

I rolled my eyes but I was interrupted before I could respond. I had only gotten a few feet into the forest when I heard someone shout "Grace!"

'There go her friends…' I picked up the pace when I heard faint ripping noises. 'Damn it I wish I could shift but there's too big a chance that 'Grace' might slip off my back… If only I can make it to the river.'

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I growled. 'Damn I spoke to soon. One of those Silver Pack dogs is following me. And their gaining fast! I need back up.'

Whoever's on patrol better get their asses over to the river now, I said in my head. It seemed to echo in my mind before fading away slowly.

Three howls, each about 100 meters ahead, were the only signs that back up would be ready.

A few more steps forward and I could hear the fast pace run of water. I slowed down, hoping over the thorny brush and swerving around trees as I drew closer to the river. Twigs snapped behind me.

"Whoever's behind me is going to catch me in no time. It's just the fact of them catching Grace as well…" I muttered under my breath.

I emerged out of the dense forest to see a slightly raging river and three over sized wolfs on the other side of the bank. As I ran towards the river with Grace still on me back I sensed something. Half a millisecond later I was being forced to the ground, claws digging into my back. I watched in horror as Grace flew out of my grasp and landed half way into the water. She groaned and moved slightly.

An animalistic growl tore through my throat as I realized it wasn't just her red hair that was floating around her. The water was tinted red with blood.

That's when I lost control.

Grace's POV

My head throbbed as I slowly came to. I could dully feel cold water rushing around me when I heard a deep gravelly noise. My eyes snapped opened and the first thing I saw was the moon looming over my head. I titled my head to the side and saw trees.

The forest? Why was I in the forest? I pushed myself up but grabbed at the back of my head when I felt a throbbing pain. What is going on? I froze when I heard snarling. Slowly I looked up and had to swallow back a scream.

There were two humongous sized wolves fighting maybe ten feet away from me! A black wolf was snapping its jaws at a grey wolf's neck that was currently being holding down. The black wolf almost succeeded in biting into the smaller one when he was sent flying to the side. The grey wolf had managed to push the black one off by kicking him with two powerful hind legs.

I gasped and scrambled backwards on my hands and feet, trying to get away from the angry wolves. As I splashed my way across the river the two wolves turned towards me; the black wolf taking a step forward to howl at me. Pebbles dug into my palms as I reached the other side of the stream.

As I placed my right hand down to drag myself further up my hand met with something soft. I twisted around slowly, afraid of what I would find. Two vividly blue eyes blinked back at me before a long tongue licked up my face. I gaped at the brown wolf that was inches from me. It pulled its lips up as if to smile but it only amplified its sharp canines. I looked around to see two more wolves surround me.

"Just my luck." I muttered. And then I fainted.


I woke up calm and refreshed. It was dark in my room, so I guess I had shut the curtains last night when I got home. I snuggled deeper into the bed. 'Hm… I don't remember my room smelling this good.' I buried my head into a pillow and inhaled deeply, 'But damn does it smell good.'

I paused. 'And when did my twin sized bed become a king?' I bolted up right as last night's events came back to me. The party, the almost kiss, the kidnap, and the wolves. I scanned the room for any sign of movement but everything seemed fine. Where was I? What do these people want with me?

I kicked off the blankets and jumped out of the bed before wincing in pain. It felt like someone tried to play tug of war with me as the rope. That plus the pounding in my head caused my mood to plummet into anger. Not even the calming aroma in the room could quiet me.

I marched over the covered window and flung the heavy curtains to the side, almost blinding myself in the process. I groaned as the bright light seemed to increase the pounding in my head. "Bad idea…" I rubbed my temple.

When my head stopped trying to burst I took this time to scoot the room. From first glance I labeled it as a man's bedroom. Everything looked modern, not a single thing out of place other than the disheveled bed I had just been in. The walls were painted a light grey, making the wooden furniture stand out. It came off as being rather cold if I were to be honest. I rolled my eyes. Well now that I'm done judging my kidnappers taste in furniture I can focus on the real problem at hand.

I moved towards the balcony glass door and looked out before freezing. As far as the eye could see there were trees. "I'm in the middle of nowhere aren't I?" I said faintly.

A giggle interrupted me, "It does seem that way, doesn't it?" I spun around and immediately got into a defensive stance. A girl around my age stood by the door holding a tray of food in one hand and a glass of orange juice in the other. "Oops sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you." She smiled at me.

I narrowed my eyes. "What do you want with me?"

She looked surprised at my brusque tone. "I just wanted to bring you something to eat." She smiled again. My eyes trailed her when she continued into the room. The girl walked over to the desk in the corner and started to unload the food from the tray, setting the plates down gently.

I kept a wary eye on the girl as she finished setting the meal down. She reminded me a lot of Sam with her tender aura as well as her looks. Though her hair was curlier and shorter than Sam's, the chocolate brown color looked identical. I knew from earlier she had brown eyes like Sam although hers were darker in comparison. Unlike Sam she had a dark skin tone. She was also taller than me by a few inches.

The girl turned around and smiled before gesturing towards the food. I could feel myself start to drool. Four pancakes were innocently stacked on a plate with a boat of steaming maple syrup in front of it. To the left of the pancakes was a plate full of differently cooked eggs and to the right was a smaller plate with sausages, ham and bacon. It all looked so delicious. But what surprised me more than all the food was what it was served on. The dishes were white and dainty looking with an elaborate swirl of gold trim at the edges.

What kind of kidnappers feed their captives with fine china? To say I was weary was an understatement.

The girl's smile dimmed a bit. "You don't like the food?" I was about to say something sarcastic but from the look on her face I deflated. She continued, "Darn it I knew I should have made you something else. Maybe waffles? My mate is always saying that everybody loves waffles. Speaking about Matt he said that you guys got attacked by the Silver Spring Pack. Are you ok? And do you want me to make you some waffles?"

I stared at her blankly as I tried to figure out how to respond. I was stuck on how to say 'I refuse to eat that food because you might be trying to kill me,' politely. And what was that about being attacked? What the heck is a Silver Spring Pack? I decided to spare her feelings, "Uh I'm ok… And I'm just not very hungry…" Why do I care about what my kidnaper thinks? I added angrily, "Now why am I here? Is it money that you want?"

"What are you talking about?" She said slowly. Her delicate eyebrows burrowed down.

"Don't play dumb! You people kidnapped me for a reason, now I want to know what it is."

The girl looked taken back. "Kidnapped? What do you mean kidnapped? I thought that..." She trailed off completely lost. She breathed out, "Oh my god. I can't believe those idiots would kidnap you. What were they thinking?" The girl looked back at me and said horrified, "I─I am so sorry! I am just so sorry. I wish I could do something to help… But there isn't much I can do. I mean my own mate didn't even tell me about their plan. If they had I would never had agreed to it! The Alpha is insane if he thinks this will win you over."

"What the hell is a 'mate' or an 'Alpha'?"

The girl froze. "You mean you don't know? Wow, you have the worst luck." She said sympathetically. "You'll have to wait for the Alpha to come back from his meeting so I can get the ok to tell you everything. One thing you should know about him is he likes to be in control."

There's that 'Alpha' word again. I can tell the 'Alpha' and I aren't going to get along. I rolled my eyes. Especially if he thinks he can control me.

My stomach growled before I could voice my opinion.

"Oh are you hungry? The food should still be warm if you want any." I shook my head. No matter how nice she seemed I wasn't about to eat questionable food. She tilted her head and said, "Why wouldn't you eat when you're hungry? That doesn't make… Oh. I get it." The girl grabbed the gleaming fork and cut a piece of pancake before taking a bite. She made a face. "Darn it. It's not one of my better batches. I think it needs a bit more sugar…" She worked her way around the plates, critiquing her cooking ever so often. When she was finished she looked back to me and smiled. "There. See? Nothing is wrong with the food. Now will you please eat?"

I walked over and slowly sat down at the desk. I poured syrup on the pancakes and then took a hesitant bite. I moaned. It was amazing, the fluffy texture adding to the buttery taste. It reminded me of the pancakes my mother use to make when I was younger. They quickly disappeared along with the omelet and some of the scrambled eggs.

While I was inhaling the food the girl took a seat on the bed and began to speak a hundred words a minute. I learned her name Nicole and she was nineteen. She was in a relationship with Matt, the older of the two that had kidnapped me. The younger one's name is Logan, who is Matt's brother.

When I couldn't eat another bite Nicole beamed at me. "So what did you think? Was it good?"

"Good? It was amazing! Way better than anything I could ever make." She blushed at my compliment. I started to put the plates back onto the tray the Nicole had used earlier. "Alright now am I allowed to go out of this room? Or am I stuck in confinement?" Not that I would care. But I might as well play along until I come up with a plan to get the hell out of here.

I picked up the tray surprised at how heavy it was. What was even more surprising was when Nicole grabbed the tray from me with one hand. Note to self: She is stronger than she looks.

"Well when I spoke to Matt this morning he didn't say you couldn't come out. But then again he was in a rush to go to that meeting with the Alpha so I'm not sure." She shrugged. "To heck with it. Come on. I'll show you around."

I picked up the now empty glass and followed her out of the bedroom. As I stepped out into the hall I couldn't help but think the room's décor clashed with the rest of the house. The hallway was far fancier than the modern looking room, the color of the hallway a deep red with golden picture frames lining the wall. As we moved through the house I realized just how normal it was. A few people were out walking in the halls, going about their business like in any other house─ until they caught sight of me. Then, no matter what the age, they would stop and stare at me before going a whispering to one another.

How rude! Before I could call them out for it a door to my left popped open. A little boy and girl came skipping out with their hand intertwined. The girl was wearing a purple one piece swim suit and matching water wings. The boy was wearing red swim trunks and a grin on his face as he watched the girl giggle. He turned forward and then stopped short when he saw me, bringing the girl to a halt as well.

"Who are you?" The boy blurted out.

The girl shot him a disapproving glance. "You don't just ask who people are. It's rude," she said softly. They both blinked up at me.

I smiled at them. What cute kids! "Hi! I'm Grace. What are your names?" I leaned down.

The girl gave me a small smile while the boy grinned, "My names Kyle, I'm nine and this is my friend Emma. She's eight." The boy—Kyle said. He continued excitedly, "Are you going to be our new Luna?"

I paused. There's another word I don't know. I should start making a damn list. I half turned to Nichole, hoping she would save me.

She smiled and said, "Weren't you two heading for the pool?" Kyle looked like he wanted to ask again but a tug and a smile from Emma stopped him.

"Ok let's go Emma. See ya, Grace!" Kyle called as they both ran down the stairs.

I straightened up and looked at Nichole who was staring at me in admiration. "What?" I looked around confused.

"Oh nothing." She turned around but I didn't miss the grin flash across her face.


After we had finished putting the dishes away in the biggest home kitchen I'd ever been in, Nichole offered to give me a tour of the house. I agreed. It'd be the perfect chance to find a way out of here!

As she led me to a room at the right of the kitchen I couldn't help but think how bizarre this was. It's like I'm over to a friend's house rather than being held captive. We had only gone through two of the rooms, a very posh living room and the grand entrance, when we both heard a loud chatter.

"That must be where everyone our age is. They never can seem to keep quite." She explained, moving to the room next to us. She cautiously opened the door to see a room full of teenagers; most of them were sitting on expensive looking coaches while a small group of guys were standing in a circle laughing. I only recognized Matt and Logan, the two that had kidnapped me.

"So than this idiot goes and tackles the girl to the ground, but doesn't see the pepper spray she's holding. That's when she goes, knees him in the balls, and gets him the eyes with pepper spray. The dumbass didn't see it coming!" Matt said. Everyone in the room laughed.

Logan said in good nature, "Hey, in my defense, she is one feisty chick! She's gonna give Nick a run for his money."

When the laughter died down a guy asked, "But where'd the dog come from?" Were they talking about Wyatt?

Matt spoke, "We think it was her dog. When I had finally grabbed the girl and was carrying her, the thing kept biting at my ankles!" Good boy, I thought in my head. He continued, "So when I was heading out I told Logan to do something about it 'cause I didn't want it to follow me. Apparently I wasn't clear enough." He rolled his eyes.

"I thought you wanted me to get rid of the dog!" Logan defended. I gasped. Did they kill my dog?!

"Matt!" Nichole said horrified. The room grew quite.

Matt looked guilty as he turned to Nichole before he saw me. "Wait what is she doing out of Nick's room—?"

He was interrupted as I stalked up to Logan and said icily, "What did you do to Wyatt?" I clenched my fist.

"I, he told me, I, ah. Help me!" Logan's eyes grew wide. He was a few inches taller but that didn't stop me from glaring up at him.

A bark to the right stopped me from resorting to violence. The door beside us opened and when I saw a white fluff ball I called in relief, "Wyatt!" I kneeled down and hugged him to my chest.

"She's scary." Logan said behind me.

"Don't mess with my dog and I won't mess with you." I stroked Wyatt affectionately. The mood seemed to lighten as everyone went back to joking around.

"Grace," Nichole called. She motioned for me to come over to the group of guys. "Let me introduce you to guys. As you know this is Matt, my boyfriend. The one you were threatening is Logan and the two beside him are Dylan and Tristan. They're twins if you couldn't tell. Guys, this is Grace." They all greeted me although Logan kept his head down.

Oh poor guy. He probably thinks I hate him. "Hey Logan, do you want to pet Wyatt?" He looked up, surprised before he smiled and reached for Wyatt's head. Wyatt growled at his hand. I laughed, "That's not how you go up to a dog. Hold your knuckle out in front of him so he can smell you. That way if he tries to bite you he won't take fingers off. If he doesn't try to attack than go ahead and pet him. Just never go right over a dog's head; they'll get scared and defend themselves."

He looked at me curiously before he did as I said. Wyatt sniffed at his hand and growled but a calming caress from me stopped him. "It worked! He said excitedly. He scratched behind Wyatt's ears.

I smiled. "Sorry about earlier. I'm a little protective when it comes to Wyatt. How'd he get here anyway?

"Nah it's all right. I should have said something earlier. You just caught me off guard when you came up to me," He said sheepishly. "Anyway when Matt said to take care of Wyatt I thought he meant to take care of him. But when I looked at him he tilted his head to the side and stared at me with those big brown eyes. I knew I couldn't do it so after I distracted that girl I grabbed him and took off. I didn't want to leave him there."

"Well thanks for taking care of him." I can't believe I'm thanking my kidnappers! I've let my guard down too much. I'm supposed to be finding a way out of here, not socializing with psychos. "So where's this 'Alpha' guy? Am I ever going to see who had me kidnapped?"

"Anxious to see me, are you?" I turned around and froze. It was the guy from the party that almost kissed me. My face grew warm as I thought about it. He's smirk widened as if he knew where my mind was. "Hello darlin'."

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