Verse 1

You've got wings to fly.

But if you lose your balance,

If you close your eyes,

You'll fall into the ground hard,

You're a dreamer, not a bird.

Verse 2

Birds of a feather flock together.

But I won't be with a flock of lost souls.

I'd explore the sky all alone rather.

Some days the sun will blind my sight.

But I'll never every give up on my flight.

Verse 3

Sometimes it's hard to travel all alone.

But I prefer it over losing my way.

I prefer it over losing values of my own.

And I'll reach the end of my flight someday.

I won't let the strong winds carry me away.

Verse 4

I'm terrified to fly, to spread my wings.

But I know that if I fall, you've all got me.

So I'm gonna give it my everything.

Tell me you won't let me lose myself in my flight.

And I'll tell you that I'll make it through alright.