Hello and welcome to my story fellow readers. This story is supposed to be set in modern times, but with fantasy and magic secretly hidden in this earth. So without delaying you any further, proceed to the story.

The Mage and The Gate Portal

Chapter 1: Explanation of Magic

James was just an ordinary 15-year-old guy who went to an ordinary high school like an average person until today. It had started when his professor had asked him to stay behind during lunch. James watched the rest of the class get up and leave and he stayed behind gathering his stuff.

"Come over here and sit in this chair," Professor Rackham told James while pointing to a chair in front of his desk.

James sat down on the chair Professor Rackham had been pointing to and stared at the professor.

"During the time that you have been my student James," the professor began, "I have reached the conclusion that you have a peculiar ability-"

"Umm, and what would that ability be?" James asked interrupting the professor.

"Be quite boy and let me finish speaking before you blurt out your obnoxious questions!" Professor Rackham shouted obviously annoyed by James' interruption, "Now let me continue, I have reached the conclusion that you have the ability to control magic."

James laughed, "That's a good one professor but I would really like to go eat my lunch."

"It's not a joke," Professor Rackham told him suddenly becoming very serious, "Magic really exists, and before you blurt out that I'm lying, let me give you the basics of magic. So basically there are 3 types of magic. There's sorcery, the ability to cast spells and enchantments through the use of runes and glyphs."

"Sorcerers are the weirdoes with staffs that have glowing red eyes right?" asked James.

Professor Rackham sighed, "Yes, sorcerers do use staffs to channel their power and some of the more powerful sorcerers have staffs with glowing red eyes, but that's not the point! Now back to the lesson, wizardry is the ability to channel magic through a wand and either attack or defend something or someone. Finally there are mages, mages channel they're power through their bare hands and there are many different types of mages each with different abilities."

"Look professor, that's all really interesting but I really want to go eat my lunch," James blurted out.


"Yes sir," James replied back.

"Now, we will find out what type of magical ability you posses," the Professor told James.

The professor stood up and picked up a staff from under his desk. He handed it to James, "Hold it," he told him.

James did as he was told and nothing happened.

"Hmm, if that staff had begun glowing it would have meant that you are a sorcerer, I guess you aren't a sorcerer," Professor Rackham told James.

James was now beginning to get fascinated by these ancient relics the professor was pulling out from under his desk.

"Now grab this," the professor said while handing James a wand.

James grabbed the wand and nothing happened.

"Hmm, if you were a wizard the wand would have begun to glow. You must be a mage!" the professor thought out loud.

"But how do you know I'm a mage?" asked James.

"Well you aren't a wizard or a sorcerer, so you must be a mage," the professor stated.

"Or I could just be a normal human being," James said back.

The professor took out a dark purplish looking rock, "This is an obsidian rock, obsidian is a rare volcanic glass formed from rapidly cooling magma, this will tell us what type of mage you are."

James decided to just grab the weird purple rock and get this over with. He took the obsidian from the professor and slowly the obsidian rock started glowing in a bright purplish light, it was much brighter than the normal purple color of the obsidian. Startled James dropped the rock and gradually the glow disappeared.

"Aha," the professor cried out loud, "You're a guardian mage!"

"Okay," James said, "So what's a guardian mage?"

Just then the bell rang marking the end of lunch and the beginning of period 6.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this first chapter of my story, I know it was very slow but I just need to put out all the background information out there before the story actually takes off. Please give me any feedback you can and review this story.