Welcome to the second chapter in my story, this chapter will include more explaining like the other one but I promise it will be the last. From here on the action begins.

The Mage and The Gate Portal

Chapter 2: The Accident

"Oh well," Professor Rackham said when the ringing of the bell had ended, "I guess you better get going to your next class and we'll continue with this tomorrow."

James however wasn't very enthusiastic about going to period 6, which was Modern World History with Professor Boring, so he pleaded to Professor Rackham, "No professor we must finish the lesson, I'm sure it's not a problem if I arrive a few minutes late to my class."

"Very well then, but I will not be taking responsibility for your tardiness," Professor Rackham told him.

"Yes of course professor," James replied feeling disappointed that we wouldn't have an excuse to tell his professor next period.

"Now I was just about to explain to you what a guardian mage is, am I correct?" the professor asked.

"Yes professor," James responded.

"Well, a guardian mage is a mage whose duty is to act as a guardian of a magical gate or portal to another realm, dimension, time period, or place. As you will eventually find out, there are many of those gates hidden all around this world and each one has a specific guardian mage as a protector. The more powerful the mage is, the more powerful the gate he must protect is."

"Oh okay I get it," said James while he leaned over to pick up the obsidian rock that he had let fall to the ground. Now it is important to note that James had first grabbed the obsidian rock with his left hand, and had then dropped it when it started glowing, but now that he was stretching to pick it up, he instinctively grabbed it with his right hand. This however caused the obsidian rock to emit a bright red glow, "Hey look, it changed colors!" James said enthusiastically.

The professor gasped, "Impossible, you have the power of a Keeper Mage as well!"

To which James replied, "Umm what?"

"It is very rare, but often times mages are able to naturally dominate to types of magic. It appears to be that you have that rare power. According to my sources, no mage has had two powers for over a thousand years. It must be you are the-" he was cut off my an the sound of an explosion above them.

Both James and the professor stared up at the ceiling, dust particles gradually floated down onto them.

"Probably another experiment at the science lab," the professor coughed.

James sneezed, "Does this happen often?"

"A few times, it's really annoying," Professor Rackham replied, "So where were we?"

"Umm apparently I'm a Keeper Mage," James began.

"Oh right, but before I explain what a Keeper Mage is, I must first explain Protector Mages, they are mages that have been assigned to protect a specific object and they keep it with them all the time," Professor Rackham explained.

"Oh, so they're just like the Guardian Mages," James said.

"NO, aren't you paying attention! Protector Mages protect OBJECTS, Guardian Mages protect GATES!" Professor Rackham shouted.

"Yes that's what I meant professor," James said trying to sound good.

Professor Rackham continued, "Anyways the other two types of mages are Summoner Mages and Keeper Mages, Summoner Mages can summon magical objects or animals and transport them between realms, and Keeper Mages are basically keepers of certain force and can use it and channel it with their magic."

"So I have the powers of both a guardian and a keeper?" James asked.

"Yes, according to the obsidian of course, but I believe we must take you the High Elder Council of Mages. The High Elder Mage will be able to detect if you have any other powers and he will know you importance," the professor told James.

"Okay, so who's the High Elder Mage?" James asked.

"Hmm," the professor began, "It's hard to tell I believe it was only a few thousand years ago that the latest High Elder Mage took power, I still remember the celebration…"

"What!" James thought, "I thought the professor was old but how can he be thousands of years old?"

"Oh I remember!" the professor said excitedly, "The High Elder Mage right now is me!"

"What? Professor then what is my power?" James asked baffled.

"I can't detect it right now, we must of course go to the council," Professor Rackham told him.

"But professor how can you be thousands of years old?" James asked.

Before the professor could even answer, a dark beast exploded out from the wall behind the professor and swallowed the professor, James stared awe struck looking at the dark horrendous beast and the place where the professor had been sitting just seconds before.

Then the beast let out a horrendous screech and James did two things, first of all his bladder let go a stream of hot steamy pee all over his pants, second of all he ran.

James sprinted right through the door and shouted through the halls, "RUN A DEMONIC DARK WINGED EVIL BEAST HAS JUST SWALLOWED PROFESSOR RACKHAM!"

One of the professors ran out of his classroom and stopped James in his tracks, "What on earth is going on here?"


"James, are you out of your mind!" the professor shouted very sternly.

By now other guys had gathered around them in the hall, "Look he had a little accident!"

Everyone started laughing at James pointing at the wet stain on his pants.

"No it's true," James said almost on the verge of tears.

Another professor arrived, "I just checked Rackham's classroom, he's not there but he probably just left, after all he doesn't have any lessons for the rest of the day today."

Everyone laughed at James while the professor tried to get them back in their classrooms.

James was embarrassed and very uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Eventually however school was over and slowly he walked home.

James was walking along the sidewalk almost home when he heard a loud noise behind him.

James shouted and ran, "STAY AWAY FROM ME DEMONIC BEAST!"

Well I hope you didn't find this chapter too boring, things will get better from here on.