He sat at the round table, his hands bunching the white cloth in his lap. He had been there for so long, the staff was starting to whisper sweet concerns.

For the third time that night, a waitress stood over him, a notepad at hand,"You- uh.. Would you like to order?"

His eyes were glossed over, and it took a moment for him to respond. Turning his head to the waitress he smiled awkwardly," Uh, can you just give me a few more minutes?" The waitress frowned, nodded, then walked away.

Groaning to himself, he placed his face in his upturned palm, elbows digging into the table. He'd seen numerous couples sit down to eat, and even seen them leave once they were done. He had been waiting there, in the same exact spot, for about three hours.

He pulled out his phone, and saw the same exact text he sent three hours ago. No response still.

Biting his lip, he slipped the phone back in his pocket and faced forward. HIs mind wandered as he sank back into his past, reliving every single second.