Nature's Deception

You're like a delicate flower

That's so easy to break

Yet has so much power

To make our hearts' sache

You're strong like a tree

But when lightning strikes

You don't stay to fight

You're beautiful, bright with color

But promises love to yet another

Much like a rainbow, you come after a storm

Like the sun, you embrace and offer warmth

You comfort

You make us believe

But like a fog, it's a way to decieve

Just like that rainbow, you're there

And just as quick, you disappear

Perhaps, like a storm, you move on

But what about the broken hearts,

What about the damage you have done?

Like a twister, do you leave so that

The innocent lives that were taken;

The hearts' that were broken;

Can repair

Can recover?

Do you feel our pain?


Because like a flower,

Fragile though it may be,

It still thrives in the rain.