Nat: One Young girl walked towards a big building with a sign saying 'Sharpe Enterprises'. The girl walked into the building and approached the front desk; where a woman was looking down at some paperwork.

Rose: Hi, I'm looking for Mrs Cartwright.

(The woman behind the desk slowly looked up)

Receptionist: And who may you be?

Rose: I'm Rose; her daughter!

Receptionist: Are you now….. Do you have any ID?

Rose: ID for what?

Receptionist: To prove you are who you say you are.

(Rose looks confused)

Rose: You want ID to prove I'm Mrs Cartwright's daughter?

Receptionist: Come on hand it over...

(The woman reached her hand up)

Receptionist: I haven't got all day.

(Rose looks down at the woman's hand)

Rose: I don't have any ID.

(Rose looks back at the woman's face and she slowly moved her hand back)

Receptionist: Then I'm afraid I can't let you see her.

Rose: But my mum asked me to meet her here.

Receptionist: What do you want to see Mrs Cartwright about?

Rose: That is none of your business.

(Rose takes a deep breath)

Rose: Look here you…

(Rose leans over the desk and looked the receptionist in the eye)

Rose: Is it too much trouble for you to contact my mother and tell her I'm here?

(The receptionist looks shocked)

Receptionist: Who do you think you are?

Rose: I just told you; my name is Rose Cartwright.

(Rose smiles)

Receptionist: You can't talk to me like that?

(Rose stands up straighter)

Rose: Well, it looks like I just did.

Receptionist: Now, look here. If you don't show me any respect, I'll have you thrown out of this building.

Rose: Show you, respect..!

(Rose places her hands on her hips)

Rose: Why don't you start showing respect to your customers?

(Just then the phone started ringing)

Receptionist: Just hold on a moment.

(The woman picked up the phone)

Rose: What should I hold on to?

(The receptionist stared back at Rose who was grinning back)

Receptionist: Hello, Sharpe Enterprises, here. How may I help you?

Laura: I see you have my daughter up there.

Receptionist: Mrs Cartwright!

Laura: Please will you show her to the lift?

Receptionist: I'm not letting a child into this building; Mr Sharpe will have my head!

Rose: Hey, I'm no child!

(The Receptionist glared back at Rose)

Laura: My daughter, is certainly, no child!

Receptionist: Well, she looks like one to me.

Laura: Fine! Mr Sharpe knows my daughter is coming, anyway.

Receptionist: He didn't say anything to me.

Laura: And when does Mr Sharpe ever speak to you, himself?

Receptionist: I still wasn't informed.

Laura: Well, I'm informing you now. So, will you show her to the lift?

Receptionist: You have an attitude just like your daughter, here.

Laura: I don't blame her if she has to communicate with you.

Receptionist: What's that supposed to mean?

Laura: Don't make me have to come and get her, myself.

Receptionist: Maybe, you should.

Laura: Do you want to explain to Mr Sharpe, why I had to leave my post?

Receptionist: Alright, I'll do it.

(The phone line went dead)

Receptionist: Like mother, like daughter!

(The woman put the phone down and looked back at Rose)

Receptionist: And don't you smirk at me, young lady.

Rose: Oh, I'm a young lady, now, I'm I? A moment ago, I was a child.

Receptionist: That's enough of your lip!

Rose: Well, are you going to tell me how to find my mother, or are you going to throw me out?

Receptionist: Oh, I can't be dealing with this!

(The woman got up and walked around the desk)

Receptionist: Follow me, then!

(The woman walked off down the corridor and Rose followed on after her)

Rose: Is my mother, your boss?

Receptionist: No, thank goodness!

Rose: But it sounds like she is higher up than you.

Receptionist: If you ask me, I say there is something going on between your mother and Mr Sharpe.

Rose: Why do you say that?

Receptionist: She gets away with treating us like dirt and nothing is ever done about it.

Rose: Hey, that's my mother you're talking about!

Receptionist: I don't care if she is the queen's mother; she still shouldn't speak to me like, she does.

Rose: Sounds to me like you deserve it.

(The woman stopped walking)

Receptionist: You don't even know me.

Rose: Oh, I will, before I leave.

Receptionist: You won't be here long enough, to find out anything.

Rose: Are you sure about that?

Receptionist: Unless your Mother tells you all her lies.

(The woman points to the lift)

Rose: No, I'll get to hear it all from you.

(Rose walked into the lift and looked back at the receptionist)

Receptionist: How are you going to do that? If I don't tell you anything.

Rose: Didn't you know. I'm taking over my Mother's job for two weeks.

(The woman laughed)

Receptionist: In your dreams, child!

(Rose continues to smile at the receptionist)

Rose: It's true, I'm the new temp girl!

(The woman looks shocked as the lift doors closed and the lift suddenly started moving downwards which quickly wiped the smirk of Rose's face)

Rose: Woo! Looks like I'm going underground.

(Rose starts to look worried as she grabs hold of the handrail)

Rose: Oh, how I hate you sometimes, mother!

(Rose started to close her eyes as she took a few deep breaths)

Laura: Patients!

(Rose opened her eyes and looked around the empty lift)

Rose: Mum!

Laura: Yes, it's me.

Rose: Where are you?

(Rose saw a small camera up in one corner of the lift)

Laura: At my desk, waiting for you.

(Rose looks back at the lift doors)

Rose: How far down does this lift go?

Laura: You won't like the answer.

(Rose glares angrily at the camera)

Rose: Just tell me.

Laura: 20ft!

(Rose closes her eyes tightly shut)

Rose: You should have warned me, earlier?

(Rose heard her mother giggling)

Rose: Not funny mother; you know I hate going underground.

Laura: That's why I didn't tell you.

(Rose slowly opens her eyes and looks up at the camera)

Rose: I'm so, not, working underground.

(Just then the lift stopped)

Rose: Oh, at long last!

(The doors slowly opened up to another reception area and Rose slowly made her way out the lift)

Laura: So, what do you think?

(Rose looked over at a Mother who was behind the desk smiling at her)

Rose: Are we really underground?

(Rose slowly looked around before approaching her Mother's desk)

Laura: Hard to believe, isn't it?

(Rose grazed over at the windows and slowly started to approach one of them)

Rose: Looks like we're 30ft up, not down.

(Laura got up and approached her daughter)

Laura: It may look like a real window, but it's not.

(Rose watched as her Mother's hand reached up to the handle and it only grabbed air)

Laura: See what I mean….Not even the windows open.

(Rose placed her hand against the window panel)

Rose: It still feels like glass.

Laura: It is real glass.

Rose: Cool!

Laura: Mr Sharpe prefers it that way.

(Rose turns around and looks back behind her)

Rose: Mr Sharpe works down here?

Laura: Yes.

Rose: But, underground, why not at the top of the building?

Mr Sharpe: You ask a lot of questions for someone so young.

(Rose quickly turns back around to see a man standing in the doorway that is situated next to the window)

Laura: Mr Sharpe, let me introduce my daughter, Rose.

(Rose raises her eyebrows and smiled as Laura looks over at her)

Laura: Aren't you going to say anything?

(Laura gives nudges her with her shoulder and Lisa walks over to Mr Sharpe and stood in front of him)

Rose: Pleased to meet you, Mr Sharpe.

(Rose smiles brightly with her hand extended towards him)

Mr Sharpe: So, your 16?

(Mr Sharpe lends back against the door frame and crosses his arms over his chest)

Rose: Yes I am.

(Rose redraws her hand but continues to smile at him)

Mr Sharpe: Well, I hope you like hard work.

Rose: I'll do the best I can.

(Mr Sharpe slowly moves his eyes down Rose's body and back up again)

Mr Sharpe: We'll see about that, won't we?

(Mr Sharpe walks backwards a few steps and slowly started to close the door)

Mr Sharpe: Oh, one word of advice for you… You are never to come past these doors.

Rose: Why, what's back there?

(Rose starts to stand on her tiptoes and tries to look over Mr Sharpe's shoulders)

Laura: Rose!

(Mr Sharpe stared back at Rose)

Mr Sharpe: Well, let's put it this way, you won't live to see the next day.

(Rose stared back at Mr Sharpe)

Rose: What's so dangerous, that could possibly do that?

Mr Sharpe: Me!

(Rose looks confused)

Rose: Are you saying, what I think you're saying?

Mr Sharpe: Wow, you catch on fast, don't you?

(Rose starts to giggle)

Mr Sharpe: Oh, you think it's funny, do you?

Laura: Rose, come over here, right now!

(Laura continues to be firm with Rose)

Rose: Yes I do, actually.

Mr Sharpe: It won't be funny after, I kill you.

(Rose stops laughing and looks seriously at Mr Sharpe)

Rose: You're joking, right.

Mr Sharpe: I never joke about anything.

(Mr Sharpe continued to shut the door)

Rose: You wouldn't dare.

(Mr Shape opens the door a little to see Rose had stepped right up to the door)

Mr Sharpe: This isn't a game; I could kill you, in an instant.

(Laura walked up to her daughter and placed a hand on her shoulder)

Laura: I'm sorry about that, Mr Sharpe.

(Mr Sharpe looked at Laura and slowly shakes his head)

Rose: Oh, and one other thing…

(Mr Sharpe looks back at Rose)

Rose: I should tell you...

(Mr Sharpe grins back at Rose)

Laura: Rose, just let it be.

Mr Sharpe: And what would that be, Miss Cartwright?

Rose: I'm not afraid of you.

Mr Sharpe: Is that so!

Rose: And, by the way, the name is Rosalie!

(Rose smiles at Mr Sharpe)

Mr Sharpe: And you're stepping on thin ice, young lady.

Rose: Oww, is that meant to hurt?

Mr Sharpe: It will do, if you overstep the line, again.

(Mr Sharpe slams the door shut and Laura places her hands on her hips and stares at her daughter's back)

Laura: What do you think you're doing?

(Rose slowly turns around to look at her mother)

Rose: Letting him know he can't walk, all over me.

Laura: While you're in this building; he can do whatever he wants.

Rose: You may let him walk all over you, mother but he most certainly won't do that with me.

Laura: I don't want to lose my job over this, Rose. I told him you would work hard for him. Please, don't let me down; my job could be on the line, here.

Rose: How can he talk to people like that?

Laura: When you have a big company and a lot of money, you can do just about anything.

Rose: Leave him with me for two weeks; I'll give him a piece of my mind.

(Rose smiles at her mother as Laura placed both her hands on her daughter's shoulders)

Laura: Promise me, you won't do that, again.

Rose: Do what?

Laura: Mr Sharpe will be your boss from Monday, so please, just do whatever he says?

Rose: Mr Sharpe doesn't have a first name.

(Laura let's go off Rose's shoulders)

Laura: Don't change the subject.

Rose: I'm only asking…

Laura: Promise me, Rose!

Rose: Okay, I promise.

(Rose moves her hand slowly behind her back and crosses her fingers)

Laura: Good!

(Laura turns around and starts to walk back to her desk)

Rose: Not!

(Rose whispered)

Laura: What was that?

(Laura approached her desk)

Rose: Nothing mother, just mumbling to myself.

(Rose turns around to smile at the closed door that Mr Sharpe disappeared through)

Laura: Well, stop that and follow me…

(Rose turns her head slightly to glare at her mother out the corner of her eye)

Laura: I'll show you around.

(Rose takes one last look back at the closed door before turning back around to follow her mother)

End of Scene One