The Mystery of Sharpe Enterprises

Scene two

Nat: The lift continued to move downwards and Kelly grabbed hold of the handrail and started to try and slow her breathing down.

Kelly: Oh how I hate you sometimes mother!

(Kelly started to close her eyes)

Kelly: Oh how much further?

Susie: Patients!

(Kelly opened her eyes and looked around the empty lift)

Kelly: Mum!

Susie: Yes it's me.

Kelly: Where are you?

(Kelly saw a small a small camera in one corner of the lift)

Susie: At my desk, waiting for you.

(Kelly looks back at the lift doors)

Kelly: How far down does this lift go?

Susie: 30ft!

(Kelly closes her eyes tightly shut again)

Kelly: Feels more like 50ft.

(Kelly heard her mother giggling and starts to look angry)

Kelly: Not funny mother; you know I hate going underground.

Susie: That's why I didn't tell you.

(Kelly slowly opens her eyes and looks up at the camera)

Kelly: I'm so not working underground.

(Just then the lift stopped)

Kelly: Oh at long last!

(The lift doors slowly opened up and Kelly grazed out to see what looked like another reception area)

Susie: So what do you think?

(Kelly looked over at a mother who was behind the desk smiling at her)

Kelly: Are we really underground?

(Kelly slowly walked out the lift and over to her mother's desk)

Susie: Hard to believe isn't it?

(Kelly grazed over at the windows and started to approach one of them)

Kelly: Looks like we're 30ft up not down.

(Susie got up and approached her daughter at the window)

Susie: Yeah it may look like a real window, but it's not.

(Susie tries to open one of the windows)

Susie: See what I mean….Not even the windows open.

Kelly: It still looks pretty cool.

Susie: Mr Sharpe prefers it that way.

(Kelly looks at her mother)

Kelly: Mr Sharpe works down here?

(Susie nods her head)

Kelly: But why underground, why not at the top of the building?

Mr Sharpe: You ask a lot of questions for someone so young.

(Kelly turns around quite quickly to see a man standing in the doorway of another door as Susie steps up besides Kelly)

Susie: Mr Sharpe, let me introduce my daughter Kelly.

(Kelly raises her eyebrows and smiled as Susie looks across at her)

Susie: Aren't you going to say hello?

(Susie gives her a nudge with her arm and Kelly walks over to Mr Sharpe and stood in front of him)

Kelly: Pleased to meet you Mr Sharpe.

Mr Sharpe: So your 16?

(Mr Sharpe lends back against the doorframe and crosses his arms over his chest)

Kelly: Yes I am.

(Kelly continues to smile at Mr Sharpe)

Mr Sharpe: Well I hope you like hard work.

Kelly: I'll do the best I can.

(Mr Sharpe slowly moves his eyes down Kelly's body and back up again)

Mr Sharpe: Well we'll see about that won't we?

(Mr Sharpe walks backwards her few steps and slowly started to close the door)

Mr Sharpe: Oh one word of advice for you… You are never to come past these doors.

Kelly: Why what's back there?

(Kelly starts to stand on tiptoes and tries to look over Mr Sharpe's head)

Susie: Kelly!

(Mr Sharpe stared back at Kelly)

Mr Sharpe: Well let's put it this way, you won't live to see the next day.

(Kelly stared back at Mr Sharpe)

Kelly: What's so dangerous that could possible do that?

Mr Sharpe: Me!

(Kelly looks confused)

Kelly: Are you saying what I think your saying?

Mr Sharpe: Wow you catch on fast don't you?

(Kelly starts to giggle)

Mr Sharpe: Oh you think it's funny do you?

Susie: Kelly, come over here, right now!

Kelly: Yes I do actually.

Mr Sharpe: You won't think it's funny after I kill you.

(Kelly stops laughing and looks seriously at Mr Sharpe)

Kelly: You're joking, right.

Mr Sharpe: I never joke about anything.

(Mr Sharpe continued to shut the door)

Kelly: You wouldn't dare.

(Mr Shape opens the door a little to see Kelly had stepped right up to the door)

Mr Sharpe: This isn't a game; I could kill you in an instant.

(Susie walked up to her daughter and turns her around to face the other way)

Susie: I'm sorry about that Mr Sharpe.

(Mr Sharpe looked at Susie and slowly shakes his head)

Kelly: Oh and one thing…

(Kelly turns back around to face Mr Sharpe)

Kelly: …. I should tell you.

(Mr Sharpe grins back at Kelly)

Susie: Kelly, just let it be.

Mr Sharpe: And what would that be Miss Cartwright?

Kelly: I'm not afraid of you.

Mr Sharpe: Is that so!

Kelly: And by the way, the name is Kelly!

(Kelly smiles at Mr Sharpe)

Mr Sharpe: And you're stepping on thin ice young lady.

Kelly: Owww that hurts!

Mr Sharpe: It will do if you over step the line again.

(Mr Sharpe slams the door shut and Susie places her hands on her hips and stares at her daughter)

Susie: What do you think you're doing?

(Kelly looks at her mother)

Kelly: Letting him know he can't walk all over me.

Susie: Well you're in this building; he can do whatever he wants.

Kelly: He may let him walk all over you mother, but he is must certainly not doing that with me.

Susie: I don't want to lose my job over this Kelly. I told him you would work hard for him. Please don't let me down; my job could be on the line here.

Kelly: How can he talk to people like that?

Susie: When you have a big company and a lot of money, you can do just about anything.

Kelly: Leave him with me for two weeks; I'll give him a piece of my mind.

(Kelly smiles at her mother as Susie placed her hands on Kelly's shoulders)

Susie: Promise me you won't do that again.

Kelly: Do what?

Susie: Mr Sharpe will be your boss from Monday, so please just do whatever he says?

Kelly: Mr Sharpe doesn't have a first name.

(Susie let's go off Kelly's shoulders)

Susie: Don't change the subject.

Kelly: I'm only asking…. Oh it doesn't matter.

(Kelly turns around and Susie steps in front of her)

Susie: Promise me Kelly!

Kelly: Okay I promise.

(Kelly moves her hand slowly behind her back and crosses her fingers)

Susie: Good!

(Susie turns around and starts to walk back to her desk)

Kelly: Not!

Susie: What was that?

(Susie continued to walk to her desk)

Kelly: Nothing mother, just mumbling to myself.

Susie: Well stop that and follow me…. I'll show you around.

(Kelly takes one last look back at the door behind her and then turned about to follow her mother)

End of Scene Two

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