Sharpe Enterprises

Scene Three

Nat: Kelly slowly follows her mother back to her desk.

Kelly: I'm going to hate it here; this will be the worst two weeks of my life.

(Susie turns around to face her daughter)

Susie: Oh cheer up, it won't be that bad. I've been working here for ten years!

Kelly: Ten years working for that guy!

Susie: He's not that bad, some days he's nicer than others.

(Susie slowly smiles to herself)

Susie: He can be very nice sometimes.

(Kelly walked up to her mother)

Kelly: You're sweet on him!

(Susie stares back at Kelly)

Susie: Now, where did that come from?

Kelly: The Receptionist!

Susie: Well she can mind her own business.

(Susie turns back to her desk and starts to look around her desk for something)

Kelly: Is there something between you and Mr Sharpe?

Susie: No there isn't!

(Susie started to look in her desk drawers)

Kelly: Would you like there to be?

Susie: He's not my type.

Kelly: Too young for you!

(Susie turns her head to face Kelly)

Susie: Don't let his looks foul you; he's older than he think.

(Susie turns back to continue searching through her drawers)

Kelly: How old is he then?

Susie: Just a few years younger than me.

(Kelly smiles to herself)

Kelly: Still too young for you!

(Susie stops what she is doing and turns to face Kelly)

Susie: If you weren't my daughter, I'd take that as an insult.

(Kelly smiles at her mother)

Susie: And he is way too old for you!

Kelly: Me!

(Kelly places her hand over her chest)

Susie: Don't give me that look; I saw you raise your eyebrows earlier.

(Kelly looks upwards)

Kelly: I don't know what you mean.

Susie: Yes you do. You always do that when you like someone.

(Kelly looks back at Susie)

Kelly: O.K I admit, he is pretty hot!

(Kelly starts to grin at her mother)

Susie: You and your language!

Kelly: Well he is very hot!

(Susie slowly shakes her head)

Kelly: He's is very hot, but as a very bad attitude. He would rather kill me then kiss me!

Susie: You keep pushing him the way you do and I might help him. I want a job to come back at the end of this.

Kelly: He shouldn't sack you over me.

Susie: Depends how mad you make him. So all you have to do is stick to the rules and just do your job.

Kelly: O.K.

Susie: Well I made a list of all the rules you must follow.

(Susie turns back to her desk and continued to search her desk)

Susie: If I can find it that is.

(Susie picks up a notepad)

Susie: Here it is!

(Susie turns back to face her daughter and passes her the notepad)

Susie: The first rule you already know.

(Kelly starts to read from the notepad)

Kelly: Yes I do!

(Kelly turns around to look at the door Mr Sharpe had disappeared behind)

Susie: He meant it Kelly; no one goes past that door ever!

Kelly: What is back there?

Susie: No idea and please promise me you won't go finding out yourself.

Kelly: He might be hiding behind the door with a sharp knife, ready to kill me.

Susie: You watch way too much telly.

Kelly: At least he would be a pretty hot killer.

Susie: Kelly, would you focus here for a minute?

(Kelly smiled to herself and slowly turned back around to face her mother)

Susie: Now, number two…..

Kelly: …..I wonder how he would look with nothing…..

Susie: …. Kelly, that's enough! I won't have you thinking things like that.

(Kelly starts to look innocent)

Kelly: What? I was only going to say with nothing….

Susie: … I know what you were going to say.

Kelly: No, I was going to say, with nothing else in his hands but a knife.

(Susie gives her daughter a certain look)

Susie: Liar!

(Kelly grins at her mother)

Kelly: Well, can you blame me?

Susie: How can you come up with something as sick as that?

Kelly: I wasn't being serious about the knife and him killing me.

Susie: I know, I just wonder how you come up with thinks like that?

Kelly: As you said; it must be too much telly.

Susie: Way too much!

(Kelly starts to grin towards her mother and then slowly turns her head to face the door again)

Mr Sharpe: What do you let your kids watch nowadays?

(Mr Sharpe was leaning against the doorframe and facing them both)

Kelly: You would be surprised!

(Susie looks towards Mr Sharpe)

Susie: I'm sorry about that Mr Sharpe, but kids do have these wild crazy ideas.

(Kelly turns back to face her Susie)

Kelly: Hey, I'm no kid!

(Susie looks at her daughter)

Susie: You are when you come up with things like that.

Kelly: If I was a kid; things like that would scary me to death.

Mr Sharpe: Susie, would you make me cuppa?

(Susie looks back at Mr Sharpe)

Susie: Yes certainly!

(Susie gives her daughter a look and then disappears into another room)

Mr Sharpe: Kelly!

(Kelly turns back to face Mr Sharpe)

Mr Sharpe: Take a seat!

(Mr Sharpe extends his arm towards a seating area)

Mr Sharpe: I'd like to have a talk with you.

(Kelly nods her head and takes a seat as Mr Sharpe walks towards her)

Mr Sharpe: Now Kelly, let's see if we can come to an understanding.

End of Scene Three

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