Sharpe Enterprises

Scene four

Nat: Mr Sharpe takes a seat next to Kelly and looked straight at her.

Mr Sharpe: Now, let's get one thing straight here; I will not have you saying those things about me. This is a work place, not a cinema! Do you understand me?

(Kelly slowly nodded her head)

Mr Sharpe: Answer me, will you?

Kelly: Yes I understand you.

Mr Sharpe: Good!

(Mr Sharpe turns to look towards the door Susie walked through)

Kelly: How much did you actually hear?

(Mr Sharpe turned back to look at Kelly with annoying look on his face)

Mr Sharpe: It doesn't matter. I just won't stand to hear that sort of talk ever again.

Kelly: I won't say another word about it.

(Kelly looks down at her lap)

Mr Sharpe: I see Susie has given you the list of rules, which you must follow.

(Kelly looked at the list which was still in her hand)

Mr Sharpe: These rules are law in my eyes, if I see you breaking them or even bending them; as you're age range say. I won't hesitate to lose my temper with you, and believe me you don't want to see that side of me.

(Kelly grins up at Mr Sharpe)

Kelly: So this is you're good side?

Mr Sharpe: As good as you get.

Kelly: Don't think I won't to see you're worse side then.

Mr Sharpe: I'm very serious Kelly!

(Kelly stopped grinning)

Kelly: Yes I know you are.

Mr Sharpe: That's good; we may just get on yet.

(Susie walks out the other room with a cup in her hand and they both turned to face her)

Mr Sharpe: Anyway I'll leave your mother to tell you what you will be doing.

(Mr Sharpe stood up and looks down at Kelly)

Mr Sharpe: Welcome to 'Sharpe Enterprises'!

(Mr Sharpe walks over to Susie and takes the cup off her)

Mr Sharpe: I must say your daughter can certainly stand up for herself.

(Susie looks at Kelly and then back to Mr Sharpe again)

Susie: Or opens her mouth before she thinks.

(Mr Sharpe takes a sip from the cup as he turns to look back at Kelly)

Mr Sharpe: Well…

(Mr Sharpe turns back to Susie again)

Mr Sharpe: …I'll leave you to show your daughter what she will be doing for two weeks.

Susie: Yes I'll do that.

(Mr Sharpe walks back other to the door he came through and disappeared inside closing the door behind him as Kelly got up and walked over to Susie)

Kelly: Why didn't you tell me, he can hear everything we say?

Susie: As far as I'm aware, he can't hear us. Only see us!

(Susie looks up towards a camera above the door Mr Sharpe went through)

Kelly: He can see us!

(Kelly looked the same way her mother was looking)

Susie: There is no microphone device that I can see, but there might be one hiding inside the camera.

(Kelly looked back at her mother)

Kelly: Why didn't you tell me this before I made a fool of myself?

(Susie looked back at her daughter)

Susie: I'm sure Mr Sharpe has better things to do than watch you make a fool of yourself.

Kelly: Great, I'll have him watching me all day.

(Susie slowly shakes her head and grins at her daughter)

Susie: Don't flatter yourself!

Kelly: I swear I'm going to hate this job.

Susie: You already said that.

(Kelly glares back at Susie)

Susie: Come on let's show you around.

Kelly: You mean I can go further than this room.

Susie: Only to a kitchen!

Kelly: Only!

(Susie turns back around to face the kitchen door)

Susie: Everything you will need will be in here.

(Susie opens the door and holds it open for Kelly to see inside the room)

Kelly: I have to have my lunch in here.

Susie: No, you have that at your desk as you have to stay at the desk most of the times.

Kelly: What if I want to go to the ladies?

Susie: As you can see there is another door at the other end of the room.

Kelly: Right!

(Kelly walks back out the kitchen and her mother follows her)

Kelly: So what will I be doing all day?

(Kelly turns to face her Susie)

Susie: Answering calls, faxes and emails.

Kelly: Is that all?

Susie: In-between that you will be filing and anything else Mr Sharpe sets you for the day.

Kelly: Is that all?

Susie: Believe me that will keep you busy, you will never get a dull moment working here.

Kelly: At least the time will go quick then.

Susie: Indeed it will!

(Kelly turns to look towards the door Mr Sharpe went through)

Kelly: Will I see much of Mr Sharpe?

Susie: No!

Kelly: Oh what a shame; I'm going to miss him telling me off.

(Kelly smiles up at the camera)

Susie: Would you stop it or you won't even last the full two weeks.

Kelly: O.K I'll behave.

(Kelly smiles at her Susie)

Susie: That'll be a first.

Kelly: You know me too well.

Susie: At least try while you're here, that's all I ask.

Kelly: I'll try my best.

Susie: If you do as you're told Mr Sharpe can be really nice to work with.

Kelly: I'll believe that when I see it.

Susie: I just pray to god you last the two weeks and you don't wind Mr Sharpe up too much.

Kelly: That depends on how he takes the things I do.

Susie: Let's just get this over with, or you will be sacked before you have even started.

Kelly: If he does he won't know what he'll be missing

Susie: You get worse the older you get.

(Kelly grins at her mother and then towards the camera)

Susie: God help me!

(Susie looks up towards the ceiling and then back at Kelly again who is still smiling at the camera)

Susie: Are you quite finished flirting with the camera?

(Kelly smiles back at Susie)

Kelly: How can they resist me?

Susie: Oh please!

(Susie walks past Kelly and over to her desk)

Kelly: Let's get this over with; I have a date tonight.

(Susie turns to look back at Kelly and grins at her)

Susie: What, with the camera?

(Kelly grins back at the camera)

Kelly: He wishes!

Susie: Alright, that's enough of that.

(Kelly looks back at Susie)

Susie: Plenty of more things to show you.

Kelly: Oh mother,you do know how to spoil my fun.

(Kelly walks over to her mother)

End of Scene four

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