Nat: About an hour later Rose was just starting on the last file on her desk when another pile landed in front of her, just missing her hand. Rose moved back in her chair, in fright, almost tossing the chair and herself over.

Mr Sharpe: Serves you right!

(Rose looked up at Mr Sharpe who had a mean look on his face)

Rose: I didn't mean to upset you, earlier.

(Mr Sharpe looks down at the files he just placed on the desk)

Mr Sharpe: Just forget it. Now, here is more work for you to do.

(Rose looks down at the pile of files)

Rose: I won't get all that done before I leave.

Mr Sharpe: At least try to get half done.

(Rose looks back at Mr Sharpe)

Rose: Half!

(Mr Sharpe looks back at Rose)

Mr Sharpe: Yes, half! Get yourself a cuppa that should help you work faster, and while you're at it, I'll have one, too.

Rose: O.K fine!

(Rose stands up)

Mr Sharpe: We need to talk, anyway.

Rose: What about?

Mr Sharpe: About, what you said to those men?

(Rose looks confused)

Rose: What Men?

Mr Sharpe: Those men you showed upstairs.

(Rose placed both her hands on each hip)

Rose: You mean what they said to me.

Mr Sharpe: Both, if you have to.

(Mr Sharpe turns around and heads back to the other door)

Rose: And where are you going?

Mr Sharpe: None of your business.

(Mr Sharpe stands in front of the door with his back to Rose)

Rose: When will you be back?

Mr Sharpe: When I feel like it.

Rose: I need you to tell me, when?

(Mr Sharpe turns around to face Rose with an annoyed look on his face)

Mr Sharpe: It's nice you're so concerned about me, but …

(Rose walks towards Mr Sharpe and glared at him)

Rose: I'm only worried about your tea getting cold.

(Rose stood right in front of Mr Sharpe with a wide grin appearing on her face he slowly shook his head and turned around and walked through the door closing it behind him and Rose walked into the kitchen)

Nat: A few minutes later Rose walks back out the kitchen with two cups of tea and was about to place them down on the table in the seating area as the phone rang. Rose just managed to place them down without spilling them and went to answer the phone.

Rose: Hello, Sharpe...

Voice: …... I'd like to speak to Mr Sharpe, please?

Rose: Can I please ask, who is calling?

(Rose picks up the list that Mr Sharpe gave her)

Voice: Just tell him, it's Jackie.

Rose: Bare with me, one moment, please.

(Rose puts the list back down and was about to press the intercom button when a hand appeared on top of hers and Rose looked up to see Mr Sharpe leaning over her shoulder and with his other hand he reached the other side of her and pressed the hold button on the phone)

Mr Sharpe: Who is calling?

(Rose stared into Mr Sharpe's eyes as they were right up close to her own)

Rose: Someone called …

(Rose found herself looking down at Mr Sharpe's mouth)

Mr Sharpe: Well!

(Rose continued to stare down at his mouth)

Rose: Yes!

(Rose noticed that Mr Sharpe had slowly moved his head sideways but is mouth was still level with hers)

Mr Sharpe: Who is calling?

Rose: Jackie!

(Rosee saw Mr Sharpe move his head back and his mouth turned into a smile and he moved back away from her completely)

Mr Sharpe: I'll take that call in my office.

Rose: In your office.

(Rose slowly shook her head and looked at Mr Sharpe who had moved further back away from her)

Rose: Watch the table!

(Mr Sharpe turns his head to look behind and stop himself from hitting the table and looked back at Rose)

Mr Sharpe: Do you have a problem with that?

(Rose smiled back at Mr Sharpe)

Rose: Oh, you can fall over the table anytime you like. It won't hurt me, will it?

(Mr Sharpe starts to look annoyed again)

Mr Sharpe: Not the table. Me, taking that call in my office. Is there something you don't like about that?

Rose: Oh, I don't care where you take it.

Mr Sharpe: Good!

(Mr Sharpe heads towards the other door)

Rose: Just something new to add to my investigation list.

(Mr Sharpe turns back to face Rose to see her writing on a pad)

Mr Sharpe: What investigation list?

Rose: On what you are trying to hide.

Mr Sharpe: Oh, how are you doing on that?

Rose: Wouldn't you like to know?

(Rose grin back at Mr Sharpe over the pad as he starts walking back to her and tries to look over her shoulder at the pad but she just turns it over)

Rose: You will find out when I finally solve this mystery.

(Rose grins up at Mr Sharpe)

Mr Sharpe: And you should be working, not making lists.

Rose: Afraid, I might know too much, already.

(Mr Sharpe stands up straight again)

Mr Sharpe: You know nothing.

(Mr Sharpe turns around and walks away from her again)

Rose: At least, my memory is better than yours.

(Mr Sharpe turns back to face Rose)

Mr Sharpe: Now, what are you on about?

(Rose looks over at the table that Mr Sharpe almost fall over where the two cups were)

Mr Sharpe: I didn't forget.

(Mr Sharpe walks back over to the table and leans down towards one of the cups)

Rose: That one is mine.

Mr Sharpe: Is it now!

(Mr Sharpe picks up the other cup and took a sip)

Mr Sharpe: Well, you still have plenty of work to get on with.

(Mr Sharpe looks back at Rose who was now looking back down at the pile of files on the desk)

Rose: Don't remind me. Anyway, I thought you wanted to talk.

Mr Sharpe: Later!

Rose: When, later?

Mr Sharpe: When I say so.

(Mr Sharpe walks over to the other door and walks through it and Rose starts smiling to herself before she started transferring the call)

Nat: 30 mins later Mr Sharpe reappeared back into the reception area where Rose was filing a few files into the cabinets behind the desk.

Rose: So, you're back.

(Mr Sharpe makes his way over to Rose)

Mr Sharpe: I think, it's time, we had that chat.

(Rose smiles at Mr Sharpe)

Rose: O.K. What is it you wanted to talk about?

Mr Sharpe: Let's take a seat, shall we?

(Mr Sharpe looks over to the seating area)

Rose: Oh, you want that sort of talk, again.

Mr Sharpe: Please, take a seat, Miss Cartwright?

Rose: O.K.

(Rose places the files in her arms onto the desk before taking a seat in the seating area as Mr Sharpe took the seat beside her)

Mr Sharpe: Now, will you tell me what was discussed between you and the guys you showed upstairs)

(Rose looks down at her lap)

Rose: Oh, that...

Mr Sharpe: Yes, that... So. Come on, out with it.

(Rose looks back up with a worried look on her face)

Rose: Not well, for me, at least.

(Mr Sharpe starts to look cross)

Mr Sharpe: You didn't tell them anything about …

Rose: … No, your secret is still safe.

(Mr Sharpe lets out a deep breath)

Mr Sharpe: That's the main thing.

(Rose starts to look sad)

Rose: Is that all you care about?

Mr Sharpe: What went wrong? Tell me.

Rose: It doesn't matter.

(Rose looks back down at her lap)

Mr Sharpe: Miss Cartwright, will you please, tell me, what's the matter?

(Rose looks back up)

Rose: Those two guys asked me the same question, you said they would do.

Mr Sharpe: What question might that be?

Rose: What's a girl, like me, doing, working for a guy, like you?

(Mr Sharpe smiled a little)

Mr Sharpe: I thought they might... What was your answer, then?

Rose: I said, I don't know, Why don't you tell me?

(Mr Sharpe's face went natural)

Mr Sharpe: Did you, now?

(Rose nodded her head)

Rose: That was the only sort of question that I could come up with.

Mr Sharpe: So, how did they respond?

Rose: They laughed at me.

Mr Sharpe: Did that bother you?

(Rose shakes her head)

Rose: It was what they said afterwards that bothered me.

Mr Sharpe: And that was?

Rose: I don't want to repeat their words.

Mr Sharpe: If you don't, how can I react?

(Rose looks off to the side of Mr Sharpe's head)

Mr Sharpe: I won't take any offence, as I know they won't be your own words.

Rose: One of them said, you must be sweet on me. The other said you must be... sticking it, up me.

(Rose whispered those last few words)

Mr Sharpe: Repeat that a little louder, my hearing isn't as good as it used to be.

(Rose starts looking annoyed)

Rose: Was that supposed to be some sort of joke?

(Mr Sharpe smiles a little)

Mr Sharpe: I thought I would try lighting the mood.

Rose: I didn't think you would take that seriously.

(Rose stares right back at Mr Sharpe)

Rose: I bet you let all your clients talk to your workers, like that.

(Mr Sharpe starts to look annoyed)

Mr Sharpe: Now, listen here, Miss.

(Rose starts to look worried)

Mr Sharpe: I won't have you making acquisitions, about me.

(Mr Sharpe takes a deep breath)

Mr Sharpe: O.K. I see you are upset, about this and my sense of humour didn't go down, very well.

(Rose continued to stare back but her face had relaxed a little)

Mr Sharpe: The reason why I wasn't taking it seriously, as you stated. Was because you have taken 'sticking it, up me' the wrong way.

(Rose looks confused and slightly embarrassed)

Mr Sharpe: 'Sticking it up' means; drilling you into shape. Do you understand, now?

Rose: They have an odd sense of humour – Are they gay, by any chance?

(Mr Sharpe looks annoyed again)

Mr Sharpe: You are doing it, again? Stop, judging people. It won't get you very far in life.

(Rose smiles a little)

Rose: Now, I was trying to... Lighten the mood, as you so put it.

(Mr Sharpe's face goes natural again)

Mr Sharpe: This surely won't do. We need to be on level ground, here.

(Rose looks confused)

Rose: What do you mean, by that?

Mr Sharpe: Us two trying to out-smart each other.

(Rose laughed a little and Mr Sharpe glared back making her stop instantly)

Rose: You mean, you want me to stop my investigation... I'm I getting too close for comfort?

Mr Sharpe: Rose, please? This is supposed to be a workplace, not a mystery novel.

Rose: Where there is a mystery, I just have to solve it.

Mr Sharpe: I understand your motivation, believe me. I was the same when I was younger.

(Rose looks surprised)

Mr Sharpe: All I'm trying to say to you is... We need to start communicating together and not working against each other.

Rose: What makes you think we are?

Mr Sharpe: You keep turning against me.

Rose: It wasn't my intention to do that.

Mr Sharpe: Wherever it was or not. We need to communicate properly, again.

(Rose smiles at Mr Sharpe)

Rose: I will try.

Mr Sharpe: You sure do have Spirit, Rose. I'll give you that.

Rose: Is that a compliment or...

Mr Sharpe: … A mixture of both. But that needs to die down while you are here, do you hear me?

(Mr Sharpe glares back at Rose)

Rose: Yes, I do.

(Mr Sharpe suddenly starts smiling again)

Mr Sharpe: Now, I believe, I've kept you here, long enough.

(Rose looks over at the desk)

Rose: But, I haven't even gotten halfway through that pile.

(Mr Sharpe grins at Rose as she turns back to face him)

Mr Sharpe: That pile is actually tomorrow's files.

(Rose looks confused)

Rose: What do you mean?

Mr Sharpe: I was trying to take out my own revenge on you. You were already well ahead... You didn't really need to start that pile till tomorrow.

(Rose looks shocked)

Rose: Really?

Mr Sharpe: I apologise. I hope we are even, now?

(Rose grins back at Mr Sharpe)

Rose: I don't know about that.

(Mr Sharpe stands up)

Mr Sharpe: Let's make a fresh new start, tomorrow. Do you agree?

Rose: Does that mean I can't ask you questions, anymore?

(Rose stands up in front of Mr Sharpe)

Mr Sharpe: I have no problem with you asking questions as long as they are work-related.

Rose: What if I'm just curious to find out more about you? I mean who you are, yourself.

Mr Sharpe: Why would you want to know that, without it being part of your investigation?

(Rose smiles)

Rose: What's wrong with knowing more about who I work for?

(Mr Sharpe looks to the side of Lisa's face with a far off look)

Rose: That's what people do, they talk about themselves; share past memories and experiences.

(Mr Sharpe's look suddenly changes to being annoyed again and stares back at Rose)

Mr Sharpe: I knew it. You just want information to pass onto others.

(Rose looks shocked)

Mr Sharpe: Well, you will get no more from me. This will strictly be work-related, from now, onwards.

(Mr Sharpe walks straight past Rose)

Mr Sharpe: Do you hear me, Miss Cartwright?

(Rose turns around to face Mr Sharpe's back as he makes his way to the private door)

Rose: Yes, I hear you, Mr Sharpe. And I'm sorry, you think that.

(Mr Sharpe turns back to face Rose)

Rose: I truly didn't mean anything by...

(Rose stares back)

Mr Sharpe: Goodbye, Miss Cartwright.

(Mr Sharpe turns back around)

Mr Sharpe: Don't forget, 8 am sharp.

(Mr Sharpe walks through the door and closes it behind him as Rose stared back at the door)

Rose: I'm not your enemy. I'm just trying to be your friend.

(Rose slowly turns around and heads to the kitchen to collect her things)

End of Scene Five