Sharpe Enterprises

Scene Nine

Nat: 20 minutes later Kelly came back out the lift and walked over to the desk and leaned against it and took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Sharpe: What's the matter with you?

(Kelly shot her eyes opened and looked to the side of the desk to see Mr Sharpe standing there glaring at her)

Kelly: You need to move upstairs.

Sharpe: And whys that?

(Kelly straightens up again faces Mr Sharpe)

Kelly: I don't like being underground.

(Mr Sharpe folds his arms in front of him)

Sharpe: Have you just developed this fear, as you were fine earlier.

Kelly: I've always had this fear.

Sharpe: You could of fouled me.

(Kelly looks over to the window that wasn't a real window)

Kelly: I forget I'm underground with a painting like that.

(Mr Sharpe looks over towards the fake window as well)

Sharpe: It's not a painting.

(Kelly turns back to face Mr Sharpe with a surprised look on her face)

Kelly: If it's not a painting, what in the hell is it?

Sharpe: Mind your language!

Kelly: Just answer the question, will you?

Sharpe: You keep forgetting who the boss is here.

Kelly: How can I, when you keep reminding me?

Sharpe: Well the meaning isn't sinking in then.

Kelly: You can play your mind games all you like, I know you are just avoiding the question.

(Mr Sharpe continued to glare back at Kelly)

Sharpe: Is that right? So answer answer me this question, where are you afraid of being underground?

Kelly: It's not quite being underground, it's moving beneath ground level.

Sharpe: And why is that?

(Kelly stepped up closer to Mr Sharpe)

Kelly: I'll answer your question, if you answer mine.

(Kelly glared back at Mr Sharpe)

Sharpe: I'm getting really fed up of your questions.

Kelly: The feeling is mutual.

Sharpe: Fine, I'll answer your question.

(Kelly continues to glare back at Mr Sharpe)

Sharpe: It's a projection!

(Mr Sharpe looks across the other end of the wall and Kelly follows his look to see her projector up on the wall reflecting light across to the other side of the wall where the fake window was.

Sharpe: Now you know there is no mystery here to solve.

(Kelly looks back at Mr Sharpe with a big grin on her face who turns back to face her)

Kelly: If that is so...

(Kelly walks over to the fake window and stands in front of it looking back at the projector)

Kelly: ….. Then why doesn't it not fade when I stand in front of the projector?

(Mr Sharpe grins back at Kelly and walks towards her)

Sharpe: You certainly are one smart girl for your age.

Kelly: Quit trying to charm me and finally tell me the truth.

(Kelly looks at Mr Sharpe with an annoyed look on her face)

Sharpe: I doubt you could handle the truth.

(Mr Sharpe step right up into Kelly's personal space and glared right into her eyes)

Kelly: Is that right?

(Kelly glared back into Mr Sharpe's eyes)

Kelly: Then how do I keep outsmarting you?

Sharpe: You sure are one clever young girl.

(Mr Sharpe slowly takes a step back away from Kelly and grins at her)

Sharpe: But not as clever as me.

Kelly: Give me time and I will out-clever you as well.

(Mr Sharpe starts laughing)

Sharpe: I'd love to see that.

(Mr Sharpe starts to walk back towards the desk grinning to himself)

Kelly: And it will happen before the two weeks is up.

(Mr Sharpe turns back to face Kelly)

Sharpe: Now will you tell me why your afraid of being underground?

Kelly: Why should I?

(Kelly makes her way over to Mr Sharpe)

Kelly: You didn't answer my question truthfully.

Sharpe: It's magic!

Kelly: Very funny!

Sharpe: You don't believe in magic Miss Cartwright?

(Kelly lets out a little laugh and stand a few feet away from Mr Sharpe)

Sharpe: Maybe it's time you started to believe.

Kelly: You're not serious, are you?

(Mr Sharpe takes two steps forward and stops right in front of Kelly)

Sharpe: Well, if you don't believe, there is no point explaining it to you.

Kelly: I can't believe you're so serious about this?

Sharpe: You wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen.

Kelly: Show me the things you have seen then.

Sharpe: That window is one of them, how else do you explain it being there.

Kelly: I bet it's just a painting and you're trying to mislead me.

Sharpe: Believe what you like Kelly, that's just what everyone else does.

(Mr Sharpe starts to look sad and quickly turns his back on Kelly)

Kelly: If you would show me more prove...

(Kelly gently placed her hand on Mr Sharpe's arm)

Kelly: ….. then maybe I might believe you.

(Mr Sharpe turns around with an angry look on his face and Kelly quickly removed her hand)

Sharpe: What's the point, you are all just the same.

Kelly: Neal!

(Mr Sharpe takes a step back and points his finger at Kelly)

Sharpe: You have no right to use that name anymore. It's Mr Sharpe to you now!

(Mr Sharpe turns around again and starts to walk away)

Kelly: Mr Sharpe!

Sharpe: Just get on with your work.

(Mr Sharpe walks through his private door as Kelly stared after him)

End of Scene Nine

Note: Did Kelly manage to bring out Mr Sharpe's other side? Review to find out what happens next.