Prologue: The Beginning

It was a cold winter night. The snow had just stopped falling when Henry Grey returned to his cabin after work. Henry was a sheriff of Lake Village and he was highly respected. Henry was a tall heavyset kind of man. He had white thick hair, and a short white beard. His eyes were the color of the deep blue sea. He had been on the force for many years and he couldn't wait to retire. He entered his oak brown cabin and placed his coat in the nearby closet.

"Hey dad." A voiced called from the other room.

Appeared his 15-year-old daughter Isabel Grey. She had long dark brown hair, pale complexion with icy blue eyes just like her father.

"Hey honey, how was school today? He asked sitting on the couch next to their fireplace. The fire crackled as Isabel joined him.

"Good it was good. Their moving me to honor's classes next week." She said with a smile; Henry's eyes lit up.

"I'm very proud of you. You're smart just like your mother. She could solve anything and I mean anything. One time I was…"

Suddenly a hard knock on the door froze him in his words. Henry opened the door but was only greeted by the cold air and the dark forest that surrounded him. The moon shined high in the night sky. He slowly took a step forward looking in all directions.

"Dad?" Isabel called to him attempting to follow.

"Go in your room and lock the door. If you hear anything call 911." He said in a serious tone. Isabel hesitated but did what her father commanded.

Henry grabbed his gun still hosted to his side, and walked into the dark forest. The only sound that could be heard was his heavy boots crunching against the snow.

Henry knew something was out there and he was determined to find it. He stopped for a minute when he heard a loud snap echo from behind him.

He slowly turned around looking in every direction hoping to see something. Eventually two red menacing eyes appeared from the shadows. Henry stood with his gun pointing in the direction of the mysterious figure. The red eyes taunted him as the eyes grew larger. Henry prepared to fire, said a silent prayer and opened fire.

Isabel heard the loud gunshots and began dialing the police.

The figured leaped forward into the moon's light. The red mysterious eyes became something more terrifying a wolf. The wolf stood strong on its four legs. Its fur was black as coal and wild. It's eye red as a single flame. The wolf growled revealing its sharp teeth.

Henry quickly reloaded his gun and attempted to shoot again but the wolf was much quicker.

The wolf pounced on Henry knocking the gun out of his hand. The wolf pinned him down on the bitter snow. Henry stared into the wolf's eye and the wolf began to growl.

The wolf then began to bite his arm; Henry was powerless. He could only let out a loud cry hoping Isabel heard him.

Isabel heard her father's cry and rushed from her room grabbed an emergency flashlight and stormed into the forest.

"Dad! Dad! Where are you?" Isabel called frantically.

Henry could feel his life slowly drifting away. He tried to call to his daughter but manage to only let out a whisper. Henry looked back at the wolf, the wolf snarled showings its sharp teeth stained with fresh blood.

"This isn't over, the war has just begun." Henry said in a fading voice.

Henry head tilted sideways and the wolf snapped at his neck, finishing him off.

Isabel appeared moments later; she saw her father's lifeless body lying on the ground stained with blood. She fell to her knees and tears raced down her cheeks. She heard a loud snap in the nearby trees. Quickly she pointed her flashlight towards the trees and saw the wolf. The wolf just stared at Isabel; the wolf began to slowly turn around. Coming closer and closer to Isabel. Isabel began to take steps back. Suddenly police sirens could be heard in the distance and the wolf faded back into the shadows as the police arrived on the scene.

Three weeks later…

Isabel is living with her cousin Veronica. Veronica has long blonde hair with dark brown eyes. Isabel is sitting on the couch still thinking about her father's death. Veronica joins her on the couch.

"Someone wants to see you today, should I tell them to come another time?" Veronica asked in caring voice.

"No it's fine." She said without looking.

Suddenly the doorbell ranged. She opened it and there stood a tall African American man with a short haircut and dark brown eyes. He had on a heavy gray coat, a black shirt with black jeans. Veronica welcomed him in and he nodded.

He sat in chair close to Isabel. Veronica left the room for the two of them to talk.

"Hi Isabel my name is Jeremy. I was a good friend of your father. He was a good man he was caring and brave. Now I know this is hard time for you but I must tell you something. Something that your father told me to tell you when the time comes. A being known as a "Shifter" killed your father." He explained.

Isabel eyes looked up towards Jeremy, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"A what?" she asked in a fierce tone.

"I know this is strange, but it's the truth. You see your father was apart of a secret organization that has been around since the late 1970's. We are known as "Hunters" and your father was one of us. The Shifters are a cold menacing group who will attack anyone or anything with no remorse."

"What do these shifters look like?" she asked.

"Wolves in short term. However they can differ, they are a lot stronger, smarter and faster than normal wolves."

Isabel eyes grew as she remembered the wolf she saw the night her father's killer. She knew Jeremy was telling the truth, though she wanted doubt every last bit of it.

"I saw him." She whispered.

"I'm sorry?" he replied.

"I saw him the wolf that killed my father he was black and had red eyes." She said quickly. "What do these Shifters want from Hunters?"

"Nothing but war, we've been at war for many years and when we thought it was over, they declared it once again. Which is why we believed that Shifter killed your father." He explained.

"War? What war? When did this all start and how come my father never told me this? There is still so much I don't understand." She sighed.

"I understand but all the information, you need is in this file." He goes inside his coat pocket and pulled out a file full of papers. "My number is there give me a call when you have made your decision." He said walking towards the door.

"Decision? What decision?" she asked.

"You'll know." He said as he left the house.

Veronica entered the room and sat with Isabel.

"You okay?" she asked

"Yeah, but this is just unreal. I mean my father being a hunter?" She paused. "Are you one?" She asked looking up at her cousin.

"Yes I am a Hunter, I was asked to join when the Shifters population seemed to be increasing. I've made my decision, but now it's your turn."

"Why wasn't I told of this?"

"It's against our laws, we only tell family members if they'll be ask to join or.."

"One of the members were killed like my father." she said cutting her off.

"Yes, but there was going to come a time where you were going to be asked to join the hunters, Isabel. I've made my decision but now it's up to you."

"But I can't fight I'm just fifteen, what could I possibly do?" she questioned.

"You are stronger than you know. But whatever choice you make I will support you no matter what. And I am sure your father would be proud of you too." She said kissing her forehead heading into the kitchen.

Isabel began to ponder on what she should do. She began looking through the files studying the history or Shifters and the origin of the Hunters. After three days she had made her decision. She knew what she wanted to do, and she knew from this point on there was no going back.

She called Jeremy number and after three rings Jeremy answered.

"I've made my decision." Isabel said with confidence. There was a moment of silence. Isabel took a deep breath and closed her eyes remembering her father, and then that tragic night, her father lying on the ground, the wolf that caused her so much pain. A single tear fell down her cheek. She gripped the phone tightly as veins rushed to her wrist.

"I want to join."