Shiroi Tsukino:

Phantom of the White Moon

"Different as Black and White."


Full Japanese Title: Kanji/Hira/Kana: ホワイト·ムーンの怪人: 月野しろい ; Romaji: Howaito· Mūn no Kaijin: Tsukino Shiroi ; Meaning: "Tsukino Shiroi: The Phantom of the White Moon"

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Project White Hair Project

Other Taglines "黒と白のように異なる。"

"Kuro to shiro no yō ni kotonaru."

Disclaimer: How do you disclaim a story if it belongs to you? Well, here goes. Some of the ideas came from Danny Phantom like the colors, weapons and some attitudes. Instead of his name being Danny Fenton, it's Shiroi Tsukino, a phantom who has a dark twin named, Kuroi. More about the story is in the plot and description below.

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Shiroi "Shiro" Tsukino (月野しろい(白い), Tsukino Shiroi, lit. "Moon of White" or "White Moon")

Kuroi "Kuro" Tsukino (月野クロイ(黒い), Tsukino Kuroi, lit. "Moon of Black" or "Black Moon")

Hikari Yukino (雪野ひかり(光), Yukino Hikari, lit. "Snow of Light")

Hikaru Hanano (花野ヒカル(光る), Hanano Hikaru, lit. "Flower of Shine")

Hoshi Hikaruno (星野ひかる(星), Hikaruno Hoshi, lit. "Shine of Stars")

Koe Kazeno (風野こえ(声), Kazeno Koe, lit. "Voice of Wind")

Kori Kirino (霧野コリ(氷), Kirino Kori, lit. "Ice of Mist")

Kiri Korino (氷野キリ (霧), Korino Kiri, lit. "Mist of Ice")

[Note: Chapters can and may change unexpectedly. So be aware.]

Table of Content

Episode 1: The Phantom Knight

Episode 1: The Phantom Knight

A loud explosion sound echoed across the city of Rosalopolis.

"Was there an accident?" Somebody asked.

"What happened?" Another wondered.

There was groaning coming out of the building's wreckage, a young boy was moving the fallen rocks and blocks off the top of him.

"Ow, that hurt," the boy moaned still pushing out if the chaos and rubbing his head in pain.

"Look a survivor!" A person called out and pointing towards him.

"Uh? What!" He replied is surprise.

"Isn't that... Shiro?" A girl asked.

"Shiro?" He replied with confusion.

"Hey, it's Shiroi!" another called.

By this time everyone was heading over to him and helping him out of the rubbles. Some of the other people started to come out of the wreckage, too. People help everyone out of the wreckage and finally got to somewhere safer. The girl who had called him out by name went to somewhere private and away from any new reporters.

"Hey! You... Who are you?" Shiroi called.

"Uh?" She replied turning around to face him.

"Yeah, you. Who are you?" Shiroi replied again.

She only closed her eyes as she hung her head down and began to shake her head side-to-side with a little laugh.

"So, did you forget? Too many hits to the head, uh?" She replied.

"What?" He said staring with a weird look on his face.

"You did. Your face says it all," She answered.

"And what's that suppose to mean?" Shiroi replied getting a little annoyed.

"Oh, nothing," She began, "So, do you want to remember, my name?"

He sighed, "It would help my memory, if you would."

"Ok! My name is Hikari Yukino, remember now?" Hikari says.

"H-Hikari-?" Shiroi began, "I'm sorry, but I can't remember."

"Figures-" She replied feeling a little down, "-But that's ok."

Now it was his turn to shake his head.

"NO! IT'S NOT OK! IT'S NOT OK AT ALL!" He called in a loud voice.

"Shiroi, please came down," Hikari replied.

"It's not ok...," Shiroi replied with sadness in his voice.

to be continued...