The lump under the covers moved.
A faint stiffled-by-blankets cry Escaped tear stained lips.
She couldn't sleep, couldn't dream.
Each time she closed her eyes A new terrifying sight would appear To wake her up again.

Then two soft lights Came through her open window.
They danced in front of her eyes.
Her room was a ballroom,
Her eyes the judges as she watched.
They drifted lazily, up and down, side to side.
They danced and twirlled in mezmerizing circles.

The lights flickered.
Open your eyes, close your eyes.
She tried to keep them open,
Waiting for the dance to end.
She didn't want to dream.
But sleep forced itself on her.

In her mind there were monsters.
But there were also lights.
Two soft lights, pinpricks in the distance.
They came closer. They danced.
Her fears faded into the light of morning.
Her eyes opened to a new day.
And there in the window sat two small fireflies.

Originally written in 7th grade, but rewritten and revised with an 18 year old mind. Not much has changed though, only a few words here and there.