Why pretend that nothing,
nothing can hurt us?
Us, who seem so strong.
Strong like a mountain.
Mountains move when we push,
Push against the grain of life.
Life is too difficult.
Difficult like a test.
Test us we say,
Say your price.
Price is never to much to pay.
Pay up at the end,
End it all,
All you do is say.
Say how sorry you are.
Are you ready?
Ready to face life head first?
Head first you go into the pool.
Pool all you assets together.
Together we can do anything.
Anything can't be done alone.
Alone, we are weak, but together,
Together we are strong.

Not one of my best, or favorites, but it was in my file taking up space, and maybe someone will like it. I'm not even sure where I was going with some of these lines...hehe:)