Chapter 1

A flash of bright light. Then sudden darkness.

We sit on the beach together, fingers intertwined, gazing out into the open sea. I bury my feet deep into the warm sand then push them up until purple toenails poke out.

I close my eyes and look up, letting the sun shine its warmth on my face. Lips as soft as a feather brush my cheek and I turn into the kiss, smiling slightly at how safe I feel. I pull away and look back out at the ocean.

A calloused hand gently caresses my arm, slowly moving up and down, up and down. I feel goose bumps run up my arm and a shiver makes its way down my back. A giggle escapes my lips and I stand up.

Without looking back, I run towards the ocean. I stop at the shoreline and breathe in deeply. I wiggle my toes as cool water washes over them. Taking off my cover up i expose my red and white bikini. I take down my hair from its ponytail, letting it fall on my back and rush into the water.

I gasp as I realize it is colder than I thought. I bite my lip as my body shudders from the cold. Pushing my hands in front of me, I wade in deeper until I am shoulder deep. I hold my breath and dive under.

I open my eyes and blink a couple of times, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the murky water. I kick my legs as I swim deeper into the water. Bubbles make their way to the surface as my oxygen runs out. I know I should resurface but an eerie calm falls upon me and I stay under.

I can feel my heart beat louder as I swim out even more. A fish swims by. I reach out to touch but it darts away. A ringing proceeds to take place in my ears. I know that if I don't go up soon it'll be too late.

The peace I felt earlier returns and lures me farther out. Another fish swims by but I can barely make it out as my vision blurs. I lift my head towards the surface and start to kick up.

My strokes soon grow weaker and weaker until I'm floating towards the dark endless pit. A pair of hands wraps around my waist and cool water rushes by as they lift me up. I try to help but my arms don't move and my legs refuse to budge.

I grip tightly to the rescuing arm as my surroundings grow dark. Suddenly we escape the clutches of death that waits in the water and rejoin those on land. Angry waves smack us around, trying to pull us down to our watery grave.

Weak, I close my eyes, give up and reach for it to take me back. Feet hit sand as strong hands drag me ashore. Too tired to open my eyes and strength gone, I lie still. Hands roughly push against my torso. Water, I didn't know i had until now, comes up.

I look up to see him but the sun blocks me from seeing more than a shadow. I know it is my love though. He saved me from my sea of death. I raise my hand and rest it on his cheek. I give him a loving smile and close my eyes as he pulls me up to rest my head on his chest.