Chapter 8
I slowly wake to the plain room of the hospital.

"Jake," I mumble, starting to fully awaken. A warm hand gently cups my cheek. My

eyes flutter open to see blue eyes filled with worry looking at me. A million thoughts

rush through my mind but I draw a blank on what to say. Fear courses through my body

as I watch his eyes fill with love, overpowering the worry. I close my eyes in an attempt

to block them out but the same eyes haunt me from my memory.

I jerk my head away from his touch as tears roll down my face. He tries to wipe them

off but I push away hand away.

"Leave me alone." My voice comes out in a hoarse, trembling whisper. I feel him get

up and only the click of the door signals that he left. The door opens and I turn my head

to see the doctor enter.

"A strong sense of déjà-vu happened just now. Wouldn't you agree Miss Angel?" The

doctor asks with a smile.

I smile in return at his effort to lighten the mood. "Hello doctor. I'd say it's nice to see

you again but I'm afraid my visits here are anything but nice." I say, my smile fading with

every word.

The doctor's smile dims but he forces it on anyways. "Ah yes, it is quite unpleasant

isn't it? And I'm afraid I'm going to have to cast a shadow on the already dark situation."

He says and a frown takes the place of his smile. He grabs a chair, much like the one from

my last room here, and pulls it to the side of my bed. He sits down, flips through the

pages on his clipboard then fold his hands before speaking.

"It appears that my previous statement about the estimated time of 6 months to live

is rapidly becoming more of a delusion due to the continuing series of blackouts taking

place. My dear, if these blackouts keep occurring, you'll be lucky to make it to 4 months!

I'd hate to have rush make you rush into this. But seeing as how you could drop dead any

day now, you might want to start thinking about getting your affairs in order."

Noticing I was on the verge of tears, the doctors stands to leave. "I'll leave you to

your thoughts." He says before exiting the room. Silent sobs wrack my body as I let the

tears I've been holding in go.

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