Why am I here?

I'm a waste of space

I'm useless

I'm selfish

I don't care for morals or ethics

Couldn't give a shit about opinions

Not even my own

Why then?

Why do I find myself caring

for other people's thoughts

listening to people?

Caring for morals and


Absolutely ridiculous

When I'm with strangers

I pretend to be polite and caring

While in reality I don't care

I feel nothing for them

So why then?

why do I find myself caring?

for random people I don't know

feeling sympathy for others

ridiculous, fucking ridiculous

I always try to take the easy way out

always responding with controlling force or violence

the easy way is the best way. Right?

So why then?

why do I stop and think about my actions

realizing I'm a monster

cutting off rationale and logic

so damn stupid I am

Why can't I change so I can stop this madness?

change is never good

I am who I am

I'll never change that

Be yourself is what they say

yet I ended up in a bad place

so am I to suffer for being myself

I hate double standards

I hate a lot of things

people most of all

fucking hypocrites they are

acting like there's such a thing as good or bad

wrong or right

I don't give a shit

I do what I like

Such annoying creatures they are

causing misery to each other

stabbing each other in the back

they'd kill each other

given the right circumstances

And this love they speak of

it's bullshit

just chemicals in their head

that control them

to further spread

the virus

known as humans

to take the life of its vessel

Why are murderers looked at as monsters?

they're human too

regardless of what you think

is it right to treat them as monsters

what does that make me, or you?

just as bad as they are

of course I'm wrong

I'm crazy

I'm insane

I'm childish

I don't know what I'm talking about

That's what you all will say

but at the end of the day

I know I'm right

as there is no right

maybe if you put yourself in my shoes

you'll understand then

no you won't

I don't understand myself

why am I here?

why am I this way?

I never asked for this

never had a say in this

I'll be dealt with though

I'm not fit for society

Society isn't fit for me

I hate society

Why am I this way?

why can't I just end it?

a single cut of the wrist

that's all it will take

to be cured of the virus

Why do I care for people?

why do I care for morals?

why do I care about strangers?

Why do I ask why?

why can't I just die?

why is life so beautiful?

Why do I feel for others

hate one day

love the next

Why do I help those people in need?

take the time out of my day

when I don't even care

Why do you read this?

it's not like you'll understand

you'll look at me in pity

you just can't comprehend

I'm not sick

I'm not crazy

I'm not a monster

I'm not what you think I am

I'm me

whoever that may be

do you know this 'me' person?

because I don't

But here's something I do know

I'm trapped

caught between the crossroads