Young maid so fair, sweet and lovely

Margarette, belle, called she be.

Her heart a gentle, yet aweary

Of goals to love and thus be merry

With Jimmie, her love, friend, and deary.

To him she'd give all, all and any.


His heart seemed hard, dark, and eerie

Thus couldn't feel her love and fancy.

So, true a lover he might not be

To a maid of nat and swelled beauty.

He was prim; his mind's, oh, uncanny

And to study's honour lone h'was happy.


"Why ignore me, my good sir Jimmie?

Why be so good and sweet to study?

My love for thee can't make thee happy?

Though, our friendship you endured to tarry."

With these she wept; her soul, unhappy

As she stared in secret her dear love Jimmie.


Sometime, Margarette got up imprudently

A madcap thought had made her frenzy.

She scurried to see her soul's one glory;

To Jimmie she'd gone to glimpse his beauty.

Grave was her face; her eyes were gloomy,

As she saw Jimmie deep in his study.


T'was then that night under a tree

When Margarette end all in valedictory.

Her life she banished, "Farewell, dear Jimmie!"

And though peace she got her fate was gloomy.

T'was day the next when gone was glee

When all found out such tragedy.


News, in its wings, clear as the sea

Brought Jimmie the tiding in swift savvy.

Books in his hands fell down his knee;

His friend...his secret love..."Now gone from me!"

His tears were bitter..."I killed my lady!

My Love I killed. My fault, oh, mercy!"


"All those times I should ve known

T'was me in her heart and I alone!

But should I fret? Was it my fault?

For I love her true, but sealed as vault!

I kept it in my heart for fear

That she'll contempt me- it's much to hear!"


"Thus all these studies I have made.

To impress her so but not to fade

Her love for me, which I knew not...

So, blame me now for wrong a plot!

And here is thus my faithful dagger

To conclude my life- be with her forever!"


His heart a ruined now as we see,

For he loved her in secrecy.

And though she loved him with her heart

It was concealed until they part.

So such was the story of their veiled love.

And if fate were kinder...glee they'd have.