Wow, this must be the longest chapter I've ever written in my whole entire life. It's like 2,000 words. That might not be very long by many people's standards, but it's about five pages in word. That's a lot for me and it took me like two days to write (Much longer than usual when I actually sit down to write). So here you guys go, the conclusion (And sex-filled part) of this story!

Laz gulped as he saw the house they pulled up to. It was subtly lavish, the lawn obviously professionally cut and the flowers lining the driveway and walkway to the front door carefully tended. The house on the outside was in pristine condition and he had no doubt that the inside would be the same. The Italian man parked his car in the spacious and clutter-free garage next to a glossy red mustang. This guy obviously had too much money and too much free time.

That also probably meant he had plenty of time for sex. The thought nearly made him shudder. He was severely out-matched here and he knew it. Still, he had no choice but to follow the man into his house, where he was immediately struck with awe at how subtle the expensive décor was. Nothing seemed to be expensive until you took a closer look and saw how fine the make of the furniture was and that the carpet was lush and deep.

"Leave your shoes at the door, please," Carmelo said over his shoulder as he walked towards a set of stairs leading up. Dumbly, Laz did as he had been told and left his shoes next to the Italian's, then followed him up. When he got to the top, he discovered that Carmelo had disappeared, but there was only one door ajar in the hallway so he nervously pushed it the rest of the way open to be greeted with something from a designer's wet dream.

The carpet was thick, soft, and deep black, as was most of the furniture. The walls were a deep wine-red and the entire room was light by a few bright candles placed on the windowsill and dresser. The bed even had those curtains that could be drawn to provide complete privacy to someone and he was pretty damn sure those sheets were silk.

He hadn't even noticed Carmelo, standing in the open doorway of what Laz figured was a huge closet and watching him with glittering, amused eyes.

"How do you feel about roleplay?" The Italian asked when he was finally noticed, smiling in a way that was both innocent and devilish.

"How do I feel about /what/?" Laz asked with wide eyes. Carmelo chuckled and walked closer to Laz. He stands up on his toes so he can put his lips next to Laz's ear, one hand on the taller man's chest to balance himself.

"I mean," He whispers, his lips brushing Laz's ear with each word, "Where I dress up as something and we play some games. Fun games. Sometimes with toys. Have you ever played with adult toys? My favorite is the paddle. I love to be tied up so tightly I cannot move or resist and my partner takes the paddle and spanks me for being naughty. Because I am /very/ naughty, /Lazaro/." Laz can't suppress the shudder that runs through him at the way the Italian says his name. His heart feels like it's going to pound out of his chest and his cock twitches slightly at the horrible, horrible thoughts filling his head thanks to Carmelo's softly spoken words.

It takes him more than one try to say anything, struck dumb by the Italian's dark eyes meeting his own and the slight smirk on those soft, perfectly-shaped lips. "I…That…./Yes/," He finally croaks out, to the Italian's obvious delight.

"Stay here, I will be right back," He smiles, turning on his heel and disappearing into the closet. He shuts the door behind him, leaving Laz to his imagination. He sinks numbly onto the end of the bed with his heart racing and the very beginnings of arousal shooting through him and sending the hairs on the back of his neck and his arms on end. He had thought he was trapping the Italian, but the Italian had trapped him with all of the efficiency and practice of some kind of sexual predator. A sexy sexual predator. Laz wasn't sure if that made it better or worse.

He didn't have much time to think about it as the door to the closet opened and Carmelo came out. Laz nearly fainted. Or maybe he started to drool. He wasn't sure which at that moment.

What Carmelo was wearing was obviously supposed to be the black and white uniform of a maid, but it was heavily modified. The top part hugged the Italian's lean body perfectly, flattering his thin figure in a way that Laz didn't know guys could pull off. The skirt part flared slightly and stopped about mid-thigh. Fish-net stockings, a garter belt, maid hat, and black heels finished the outfit.

"What do you think?" The Italian asked, doing a full spin for Laz. Laz swallowed once, twice, three times, then finally managed, "It looks great."

"Good," Carmelo smiled, "Because I want you to be my master. You can order me to do anything."

"Anything?" Laz asked stupidly.

"Anything," Carmelo repeated, walking over to Laz and kneeling in front of him. It took Laz a minute, but he finally got a handle on himself and stopped gawking like an idiot to reclaim his dignity and composure.

"Then my first order is for you to give me a list of all of the toys you have," He said, looking down at the sexy Italian.

Carmelo smirked and began to list what he had, "I have paddles, whips, rope, straps, chains, vibrators of all sizes and varieties, several different types of cock rings, aphrodisiacs, gags, blindfolds, flavored oils, whipped cream, butt plugs, handcuffs, and probably some more that I cannot think of right this instant."

Laz tried not to appear awed by this list. Apparently the Italian had no inhibitions when it came to sex. After a moment, he had composed himself again and recalled what his next order would be.

"My next order is for you to show me where you keep all of these things."

The Italian stood up and went to the nightstand. He pulled open the drawer, then went to the dresser and pulled open the top three drawers. Laz got up and inspected the contents of each of the drawers briefly. There was indeed a good variety of toys in each drawer. Laz could barely believe one man could have so many sex-related items in one house.

He pulled out a simple blindfold and approached the Italian, who didn't resist when the cloth was tied over his eyes. Laz cupped the back of his head with his hand and brought him in for a crushing, heated kiss. The Italian moaned quietly, allowing easy access to his mouth for Laz. The taller man took full advantage of his open mouth, slipping his tongue inside and tangling the slippery muscle with Carmelo's.

Step by step, Laz walked Carmelo back to the bed. He admired the Italian's restraint at not flinging his hands out to keep from running into anything. At the last moment, Laz pulled out of the kiss and turned Carmelo, pushing him gently forward so his legs bumped into the end of the bed.

"Hands and knees," He murmured lowly into the Italian's ear. He saw a slight smile on the other's lips as he complied. The skirt was so short that this position showed the last little bit it had been hiding. Laz licked his lips at the sight of a skimpy black thong, but tore his eyes away from the provocative sight and went to rummage through the dresser drawers. He placed a variety of toys on the floor at the end of the bed and picked up the first one.

"Do you like being spanked, Carmelo?" He asked the man, twirling a short black paddle in his hands.

"Very much," The Italian answered truthfully, unable to see what Laz had picked up.


"How else?" Carmelo laughed quietly.

"How many guys have you been with in the last month?"

Carmelo seemed to take a pause at this question, but he still answered, "Seven, I believe."

Laz smirked and raised the paddle, then brought it down on Carmelo's exposed ass seven times. The Italian yelped the first time out of surprise, then moaned rather loudly each time afterwards.

"You're a naughty little maid, Carmelo," He said, roleplaying a little just for fun. "You're only supposed to be with your master. Tell me the truth now, how many guys was it really?"

"Seven," He repeated, panting a little.

Laz tsk'ed and slapped the paddle lightly against his palm, saying, "You have one more chance to tell me the truth. Otherwise, I'm going to double the number."

"It was seven, master, I promise," Carmelo whimpered. Laz had to admit he was rather good at this.

"Fourteen it is then," Laz said, proceeding to spank the moaning Italian until his ass was a bright red.

"Now, have you learned your lesson?" He asked when he was done. Carmelo was trembling slightly, though out of pleasure instead of pain.

"Y-yes, master. I have," He managed to say between pants.

"Good…Now tell me," Laz said, picking up another toy, "How /excited/ are you right now?"

"Halfway," The Italian replied honestly.

"Good…." Laz murmured, turning the toy over in his hands as he stood over him. He hooked a finger in the waistband of Carmelo's thong and pulled it down a little, then reached around in front of him and snapped a cock ring snugly around his half-erect length. He pulled the thong back up and the blindfold off.

"Now go pick out a toy from one of those drawers," Laz pointed to the dresser, "Depending on what you choose will decide what we do."

Carmelo stood up and went straight for a large vibrator with a remote. Laz smirked as the Italian brought them to him.

"Very nice," He murmured, accepting the toys, "I see you like the big ones."

Carmelo merely smiled sweetly and said nothing. Laz hooked an arm around his waist and pulled him right up against his body to kiss him. His free hand roamed up under the tiny skirt and found the thong, which he pulled down until it fell around his ankles. The Italian stepped out of them as Laz pulled him forward, walking backwards until he got the bed again and then turning so Carmelo was the one who fell onto the mattress. Laz let the kiss break when that happened and grabbed some chains out of the dresser.

"Hands and knees," He grinned, gesturing to the bed. Carmelo smiled flirtatiously and did just that, wiggling his ass slightly in the air when he was position. Laz chuckled at him and began to attach the chains first to Carmelo, then to the bed frame. He chained him up tightly enough that it was nearly impossible for the Italian to move, had his ass up in the air, and his torso down low. Laz admired his bare ass in the air for a minute, then picked up the vibrator and shoved it in all at once. Carmelo's back arched and he moaned loudly, making Laz grin and turn the vibrator on low.

"I'm going to go get something to eat. Have fun," He said over his shoulder as he left the Italian chained up and in the dark. He hummed cheerfully to himself as he went downstairs and started rummaging in the fridge after he found the kitchen. As he finished up, he abruptly turned the vibrator all the way to the highest setting. When he went upstairs to return to the Italian, he found him writhing, pulling against the chains, and moaning so loudly it was nearly a scream. He watched this erotic sight for a minute, then decided he couldn't wait any longer and knelt on the bed behind Carmelo.

When he pulled the vibrator out, Carmelo calmed down a little and panted, though whimpers of pleasure-pain poured out of his throat. He took a few seconds to turn the vibrator off, then thrusted straight inside of the Italian. Carmelo's breath caught for a second, then he moaned lowly and pushed back against him so he was buried even deeper.

Laz started to move to the sweet, though slightly choppy music of Carmelo's needy moans – which only got sweeter when Laz hit his prostate. He sped up and adjusted his angle to pound against the Italian's sweet spot. When the heat coiled in his stomach was begging to be released, he reached around Carmelo's body and unsnapped the cock ring so that Carmelo came with a startled cry. The contractions caused Laz to come as well. They both panted heavily, Laz still inside of the trapped Italian.

When he had some breath back, he pulled out and unchained Carmelo.

To his surprise, Carmelo slid into his lap and kissed him when he was free, then smiled at him and said, "I might have to keep you."

Laz smiled back and said, "You might have to."

The Italian laughed and asked, "How about joining me for a bath?"

"Do you ever get tired out?" Laz raised an eyebrow at him.

"Rarely," Carmelo grinned, taking his hand and practically dragging him towards the bathroom.

Laz just smiled and followed him, knowing he wouldn't get much sleep tonight, but not caring much at the moment. It was only one the first of many of their sexual escapades together.

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