This was originally on my Fanfiction account. It was listed as a Liberty's Kids fic. But it's really just an original poem. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This poem is dedicated to all who are serving or have served in the military. And to my father, who is a soldier in the army. I know that this could not possibly repay all that ya'll do for us, but I'd like you to know that you're appreciated. God bless you, and do stay safe.


There they go

Marching into battle

With their guns held high.

Their faces are determined,

Their muscles tense,

Preparing for the upcoming crusade.

As I watch them

Risk their lives

All for me and my country,

I can't help but admire

Their courage


And strength.

Perhaps I'll join them

When I'm older,

But for now I'll root

For them from the sidelines,

And admire those troops

From afar.

And watch them defend

Our great country,