Farewell, My Friends

Farewell, My Friends

At first, you don't think it's sad. It's just another day with people who know and more that you don't. It seems like everyone here is a stranger these days. I couldn't even tell you about Aiden and Toga anymore. I miss them... I miss them more than I think I should. We all have to move on though. I just didn't think it would like this.

I could bear it any way but this.

"Rima, get down!" Hǔ yells.

I duck but something slams into my shoulder. I collapse, clutching my wound tightly. Hu is the captain here. He's actually quite know-it-all about these things. He's also built like the tigers he was named after; not particularly a stranger you want to bump into on a dark night.

To be brutally honest, I don't want to be here. Everyone else does, but I'm too selfish to want to be here. I go to camp every now and them to keep myself from running away. Aiden can see it though, and I'm sure Hu does too. Toga really isn't all that observant.

He's sweet like that.

"Move out!" Hǔ commands.

I glance over my shoulder. Kaiya is tending to the wounded. She makes quite a good nurse but she needs to stop ordering the medics around. All in all, this is spectacular. This entire place manages to stay here, with all these people... I could never have imagined something so daring in all my life. Yet, these people have no lives. Not anymore, and so they have nothing to lose. I think that's sad. I really do.

The stick in my hand suddenly crashes to the ground. I stare at it in shock. My hand instinctively moves to my shoulder where the blood is flowing out in torrents. It's no good, I can't do anything...

Too weak.

My eyes flutter open. Aiden and Toga are staring at me. Even Kaiya's here. I don't understand. What's happening? did something bad happen?

"Calm down Rima," Kaiya murmurs soothingly. "Calm down."

I can see the worry in her eyes that she's trying so desperately to hide. I can see how Toga is so restless and panicked. Aiden is like that too. He isn't pacing, he's just sitting here. No one else would notice how statue-like he is. They're all tense, worried and panicked.

Why? Why? Why?

"Ah, Kaiya, you're in here, eh?" Kǎi Liáng, the head medic asks. "Well, your shift's over. Time you be getting home now. Don't risk a patient because of stubbornness."

"I'm not leaving," Kaiya replies sharply. She turns and glares at him. "I'm not leaving."

"Kaiya, I just said-" he prompts.

"We know what you just said!" Toga roars.

"There's no need to push so harshly," Aiden states, quietly. "The decision is made; it will not be counter-acted."

Kǎi Liáng reluctantly takes his leave. He mutters unhappily as he goes.

"Calm down Rima... This won't do," Kaiya sighs. "Aiden, do you think you could fetch another bucket of water?"

"I'm not leaving," he says, adamant.

I glance over Kaiya's shoulder as the two bicker. The bucket here is empty of water, but it's full of blood. My head is spinning...

"I told you not to let her see!" Toga yells suddenly, pulling me away from Kaiya.

She glares at him fiercely and he flinches back meekly. I can tell that his actions make him feel bad. He doesn't want to hold us back. Though, somehow, I feel safer, close to him. After all, at the first sign of trouble, Kaiya might leave us all to die. We knew that from the start. Even before she knew us she left us to die. It was freezing that night.

I'm surprised we all made it so far... I'm so proud.

"Don't say that!" Toga yells, shaking me.

"... I... I said that aloud?" I whisper, confused. "Oh, but, I'm glad. We all came so far by trying our best. It makes me happy..."

"Don't talk like that!" Toga shrieks, somewhat distraught. "Don't you dare start talking like that Rima."

"It's time," Kaiya murmurs.

Aiden shakes his head. He's not happy... None of them are, but why? Why is no one here happy. Why can't we ever just be normal?

All we ever do is suffer…

"... I hate them," I whisper. "I hate those tycoons and moguls. I hate them and their stupid businesses... I hate the corrupt government. They've all left us to die. They just care about how much money they have... So they started a war. They're killing us all... I hate them... I hate all of this... We can't even smile anymore."

"He never smiled in the first place," Toga tries to joke, but he's choking on tears.

"Ah," Aiden replies, sombre.

"I'm no better than them..." Kaiya whispers.

"Why... Why is everyone here so sad?" I whisper.

"We hate goodbyes," Toga chokes. "That's just how it is, isn't it? There's always goodbye. That's what I hate."

My eyes drift closed. "I'm so tired..."

I can feel them all stiffen around me. Kaiya checks her watch and even she wants to cry. Why? Why does everyone cry around me now? Have I done something wrong? I look at Aiden and then more closely at Toga.

Toga is my closest friend. He was my first friend as well. He's someone I never have to say goodbye to.

"Kowai wa," I whisper, tears brimming in my eyes. "Kowai wa."

"Don't be," Toga urges. "Everything will be alright. Just wait and see. Tell me what it feels like, you know, to be free."

My eyes droop further. The tiredness washes over me like I'm drowning, but it's peaceful. It's so nice and peaceful... I could stay like this forever, and ever and ever. It'so peaceful and quiet...

"Akatsuki no kuruma"

At my side, I barely feel Toga stiffen. I barely hear him wail as he bursts into tears and breaks down. I barely notice Kaiya weeping and Aiden... Even Aiden is upset, even though he doesn't shed a single tear. Yet, that one question keeps me awake.


Author's Note: Sorry to interrupt the flow. This is a story that I posted on a Bebo application quite a few years ago. It goes with a series of novels that I've been working on and my other one-shot 夜明けの車輪. I made a quite a few alterations to it before uploading it here on FictionPress. My original one was 'hot off the press' and riddled with various stupid errors.

I hope you enjoyed what I wrote. Thank you for reading. I apologise if you didn't enjoy it. The original Author's Note is below. Thank you for your time.

Author's Note: It's sad. I know. I felt like crying, but I didn't.

Toga - Ten fanged (Or something like that).

Aiden - Fire (Or something like that).

Kaiya - Forgiveness.

Hu - Tiger.

Rima - (Can't remember)

"Kowai wa" - "I'm scared".

"Akatsuki no kuruma" - A Brilliant song, but means, "Wheels of Dawn". (Gulhipe of YouTube has the lyrics for it).