Hollow Promise

I tried my hardest to please everyone that I could. I would sacrifice everything I had ever wanted and needed. Now, as my back is on the cold, hollow ground and I breath ragged breathes, I almost regret my ways. They would always, always be taking advantage of me and no one really cared for me. I can see it all so clearly now. I would have so little and all of the arguments that it would cause was of heart-wrenching pain for me. You cared just as much, but you could always tell when enough was enough for the sake of our continuing existence.

Now, as my first broken promise, I swear that I wish things were different. My first hollow promise. If only I could turn back time, make things easier for you. I wish I could, but it is far too late for me. I pray that you don't grieve too much, though I know you will. I want to tell you so many important things, but the words are fading from my mind.

It's almost ironic really, in all of our life, this is the one promise I fail to meet. Please forgive me...

Author's Note: Another re-upload that was originally on a Bebo application. This one had no Author's Note so everything past that line is new. I don't recall why I wrote this but I do have a faint recollection that it was personal. Hmm, I think it may have been from my suicidal phase, but it seems too early for that.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed what you read. I apologise if you did not enjoy it.