"Lovely night, isn't it?" Kyle asks me as we walk down the river.

"Yes, it is very romantic." I say, grabbing his hand. He stops and turns around to face me.

"Jessa, I need to tell you something." Kyle takes a deep breathe.

"I, uh, ever since I met you in 4th grade, I've, uh, really liked you." His words make me smile.

"And when we started dating last summer I, uh, felt so lucky that I was dating such a wonderful girl. I love you Jessa." My heart races faster and faster as he leans down to my lips. I close my eyes and wait, excitedly. Kyle's a great guy, if anyone should be lucky, it should be me.

The nearby rustling of leaves stops us both. We look towards the direction of the rustling. I grab Kyle's hand and inch closer to him, my heart beating loudly.

Suddenly, a huge white wolf hops from the trees. It's huge blue eyes watching us. A growl escapes from it's throat.

"Kyle!" I shout as the wolf lunges for us. He jumps in front of me and the wolf tackles him. I fall backwards, the impact of Kyle and the wolf landing on me knocks the breathe out of me. I hear the screams of KYle as I attempt to breathe. The screams die down and I open my eyes and hear the growl of the wold. I stare at the blue eyes as the wolf jumps out to me. I hold my arms up in an attempt to protect myself. The wolf sinks it's teeth into my flesh and I scream. My arm throbs and blood pours out of it. The last think I see before darkness if the wolf running away into the woods, joining other creatures like it.

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