*Two years later*

Janson and I run through the woods, nipping at each other, just having a good time. It's been great since this whole clan rivalry ended. Being wolves is just run.

In the end, I just decided being a wolf would be easier for me. Yes, I miss my family and friends, but I can't leave my other half behind. Wolf Jessa is who I am now. I can't just drop it.

But after Janson told me he liked me, I was a little apprehensive at first. I still felt connected to Kyle, and I didn't want to betray him. But he's still with me in heart, I still love him. I need to move on, live life. That's what he'd want.

Janson and I skid to a halt and transform into humans.

"I'm hungry." Janson yawns.

"When are you not?" I laugh and he rolls his eyes.

"Let's get some food for Makenzie and Elizabeth. They'll be hungry too." We transform back, catch three rabbits and a squirrel, and go back to the cave.

"Good doggies!" Makenzie pats our heads as we drop the food. We transform back.

"I am no doggie. I am a vicious wolf." Janson attempt a scary growl, but we all just laugh.

"Yeah, terrifying." Makenzie laughs. "Let's eat." We eat in peace, not leaving a piece behind.

I can't believe how much my life has changed in a spam of a few years. Expect the unexpected, I've heard. But no one could've expected this coming.

Let's just hope this whole change was for the better.

The end! :D Lawl, bad ending, yeah, stuff, sleeeeeeep.

A lot of you liked this story, so I was thinking about either writing a prequel, that was Makenzie's story and more about the clans, or a sequel, where Jessa and Janson have kids! :D

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