This is an old-fashioned Twilight Zone type of story, told in the form of connected haiku. Please comment nicely!

Teenage runaway,

In tight jeans and halter top,

Desperate for some cash.

Slinking in the store,

Eyes shifty, and palms sweaty,

Grabbing what she can.

Caught! She tries to fight,

Then she tries the waterworks,

Pumping out fake tears.

Just when it's hopeless,

An old lady takes her side,

All diamonds and lace.

"How can I thank you?"

Asks foolish young halter top,

A total suck-up.

"My home is close by,"

Says kind old diamonds and lace.

"Why not spend the night?"

"It's like a castle!"

Cries halter top in wonder,

Gazing all around.

She dines on china,

Acting like a real princess,

While stuffing her face.

"Isn't that real gold?"

She asks, pointing to a girl

In an old-time dress.

"Yes, that's Dorothy,"

Sighs lonely diamonds and lace.

"She was my best friend."

"Such lovely artwork!"

Halter top just has to have

The gold figurine.

Lying in her bed,

The greedy girl imagines,

Selling it for cash.

Creeping down the hall,

The old house seems to whisper,

Warning her to stop.

Just for a moment,

As Halter Top hesitates,

Good almost wins out.

Instead she grabs it!

Clutching the golden figure,

Her head starts to spin.

"I've got to get out!"

She tries to run her fastest,

But her legs won't move.

Instead of running,

Halter top sinks down and falls,

Into the blackness.

Days and nights go by.

Bored police keep asking kids,

Have you seen this teen?

And meanwhile at home,

An old woman dines alone,

With two gold statues.