Author's Note (Original):

Warning: information! Yee gods!

I started this during a really good week of March 2008, around the time I started work on my Shogo fan fiction piece The Aftermath (the first of The Expanded Canon), and then I gave it a little more work in May. I did not really return to it until February 2009, having made one of my New Year's resolutions to write some more.

This story started with me writing up an analogue of me, or rather who I wanted to be in say eight years time. Then I added Sarah, who is a rough analogue of my idea of a perfect woman. As such, I am more than willing to admit this is more a portrait of myself and my own neurosis and longings than anything else more artistically invigorating or distinctive. Ah well, just try and enjoy it if you can.

Anyway, after that I came up with the rich girl rebels plot, which I quite given I am a dirty little bolshy, and then it just took off from there. This is not an intentionally pornographic work, even though it contains sex scenes. They do drive the plot, rather mechanically in fact, and they are thus just fine as part of the larger narrative, even if someone might get aroused off them. Why be prudish about a perfectly natural reproductive/social bonding act?

Also, just to note, I am not saying all the priests are like the one in my story is. It is just a commentary on the way popular religions interact with the economic elite; and the undue authority they are given over children, well, and women. Please do not be too offended. Same thing I suppose for those who feel they are upper middle class, but if you are too much of a god-damn social climber, then you are just telling the poor to rot in hell. Angry much?

Additional Notes (Original):

* Carla Stevens is a reference to Carla the bartender in Shogo: Mobile Armour Division by Monolith Productions from back in 1998.

* I chose the name "Mackenzie" as it seemed to fit the idea of a Canadian living out in the country, given the pronounced Scottish influence of this country.

* Other names were form a U.S. Census document of common names.

* Yes,Chauvin as a last name is intentionally punnic in nature. So sue me...