Why the English hate Clonmel

Not alot of you know this,

how Cromwells power almost fell

When He invaded Tipperary(Ireland),

And a little town called Clonmel.

The brave garrison of Eoghan "Dearg" O'Neil,

Save the traitor Roche, were forced to wait in dread for Cromwells forces to approche

The Time came for battle, for against the wall the cannons spoke.

Cromwell Bribed Capt. Roche of the Irish squad

With promises of Forgivness and blessings of God.

But luck was not with the English as they rushed in to Clonmel,

Because Roche had been discovered and an ambush was in play.

The massacer of the English went on all night,

For the Irish held no Quater midst the battle and the fight.

After,Cromwell tried again!Against the town wall he attacked ,

But the Irish Were prepared and gave the English quite a fight.

They made a narrow street right next to the gap,

Short Street by the name (If your in Clonmel buy a map).

The Irish placed walls on either side and a fortified cannon at the end,

Designed so that the English could not see it when they entered the rend.

Enemy Infantry came first,

With thirst for blood.

The musketeers on the wall killed them all,

the second wave disperesed,

the third met the Cannon head on and were blasted into the dust.

Then came the cavelery, so young and free

only to meet the same fate as the other three.

So don't pick a fight with an Irishman esspecilly in clonmel,

If your wise enough to remember How Cromwell almost fell.