It is born in chaos.

It dies in harmony.

It's always a never ending system, a never-ending battle between peace and despair.

The rebirth of good and evil. No matter how hard some will try to end it, the cycle is the source of balance in the world.

It is unstoppable.

War. It is fast approaching this world.

Conflict is destined to be a part of Phoenicia.

As long as there is conflict, there is violence. Despair. Hatred. Jealousy. Betrayal. Evil.

And there is hope.

The world has a way of always finding good to balance out the bad, as long as there is faith in humanity. We cannot forget hope, or humankind will risk losing the very cycle of good and bad that Phoenicia has relived a thousand times over.

Our faith is just what might save us all.

The time has come for the phoenix to arise again.

Go forth, dear bringer of light, and awaken those who must rise to importance in the midst of our conflicts.

Go forth, dear child of fire, and confront the arising despair of others in the warmth of your embrace.

Go forth, dear brother of chaos, and bring balance to Phoenicia once again.

The legend of the phoenix has now begun.