Oh, Dear Mr. Chocolate…Where did we go wrong? You were so sweet, such a smooth operator and always left me wanting more. You can be a bit crunchy at times, even a bit salty but always so good at what you do.

I loved when you were hot, when you were cold as ice and when you were even mixed up with other things. I loved you from morning to night, every holiday, every birthday and you always surprised me with an assortment of surprises from deep inside.

I forgave you when you started teaming up with others, like peanut butter, cream and strawberry. Sure, they were a bad influence on you but made you so much more desirable.

But look at the mess you have made! You smeared my face, ruined my clothes and let's face it…You can't hold up in the heat.

I'm leaving you Mr. Chocolate, I must find someone better for me. So, I have decided to settle for someone reliable, someone rough and green with envy…His name is Mr. Vegetable.