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Lettuce start.

*In a top-secret base, in Canada...*

A middle aged man, named Johnson, sat in front of a large computer, eyes blood shot. He had been watching a large computer screen for 5 years. It had eyes on a rare object, a giant space rock with two swords stuck in it. It had Greek words on it, which is still being translated.

According to the scientists who discovered it, it was supposed to have three swords in it. But, one is missing. No one knows where it is.

Then, the alarm light flashed on and off, making an alarming sound. Johnson turned around and ran out of his observation room. Meanwhile, the screen twitched and all audio coming from it cut off.

Johnson turned and a corner and stopped in his tracks. A large, slender man with a dark suit (Author's note: No, he's not the Slender Man, but he did give me the idea for this character.) held a sword that had dull brown hilt, a dark silver blade and It had black diamonds on the hilt spelling out three Z's. Three soldiers lay at his feet, unconscious.

That must be the third sword Johnson thought.

Johnson turned and ran back to his observation room. He put his hand on the scanner, but before he could the large man threw the sword and it hit and broke the scanner, trapping Johnson.

The large man stuck out his hand, and the sword returned to him and he caught it. He slowly walked towards Johnson, then swung the sword.

Johnson was struck with it, and felt sleepy. He collapsed, and fell asleep, the man's dark brown eyes staring at him.

But before he could fall asleep, Johnson clicked a button, and the containment room, a giant bubble surrounded the space rock and the swords. A small rocket grabbed hold onto the bubble and blast off. The tall man looked at the bubble, and ran out of the base.

Johnson fell asleep.

*in the small town of Crusadesville...*

The school bell rang as a bunch of kids piled out.

"Okay, see you later you guys!" A teenager yelled to his friends. The teenager is Hunter, a high school student. He has brown hair, silverish-blue eyes, and a black collared shirt, he wore jeans and black shoes (guess what his favorite color is.)

His friends are Sky, a girl with spiky hair that was blonde with a large dark blue high-light. Hunter and Sky share interests in YouTubers like PewDiePie, Smosh, and Shane Dawson. They also like Falling In Reverse, Blood on the Dance Floor, and Your Favorite Martian.

There was also Michaela, They also shared an interest in PewDiePie, Smosh, and Shane Dawson, but they are also very hyperactive and go to each other for advice. Michaela and Sky aren't that much of friends, but they still get along.

Also there was Kyle. Kyle is Hunter's best friend, and they are the most alike. They both have and interest in video games, technology and School. The only difference is that Hunter likes horror movies, and is more free. Kyle doesn't say any "curse words" like crap, and can't swear on anything. He is also afraid of any horror movie. He also has a nasal condition where he is hard to understand, but Hunter, Sky and Michaela can understand him.

Lastly, there was Sophie. He wasn't Hunter's friend. He was Sophie's Boyfriend. They were friends, then they started dating, realizing they like each other alot. They are very alike, and are mistaken for twins.

Hunter walked into the woods, and was joined by his sister, Kate. Kate is Hunter's twin. Only her face looked alike but they had no other differences. Kate was blonde, Hunter has Brown hair. They both have the same eyes. Kate was more fit, and can run fast. Hunter was kinda chubby, and stronger. Kate had a dark gray shirt with pink writing on it, and white shorts. She also had orange sandles.

Hunter sighed. "School sucked today."

"Not really. It was very simple." Kate replied. Kate had a higher IQ, and was in Algebra III when Hunter was in Algebra II.

Hunter was about to say something when there was a large crash. Hunter and Kate shook, and they fell.


"I don't know. Let's check it out." Hunter replied.

Hunter walked towards a bunch of smoke, where he assumed the crash came from. He came up to a large rock of sorts, stuck on the ground. a pile of plastic layed next to it, with something shiny in it.

Hunter walked slowly towards it, and he reached out his hand towards the rock. Someone grabbed him.

Hunter yelped, and he heared laughter behind him. Hunter turned around and saw Kate, laughing.

Hunter muttered something unintelligible, and walked around the rock. there was something sticking in it.

"Kate, look at this!" Hunter said. He ducked under the tree the rock hit and collapsed over the rock and got a better look, Kate did the same.

There were two objects, one red and one green. Hunter reached out and grabbed the red one. He pulled, and he felt something slide out. He fell back and looked at the object. It was a sword, with a hilt that looked like red bat wings, and a silver blade that was crooked.

Hunter got up and looked at the object.

Why is it glowing? He thought.

Then, something red shot out and hit his eyes. He took a step back. He looked back at the sword. His eyes were red.

"What the-"

"Ahhh!" Hunter turned and saw Kate holding the green object. It was a thin sword, perfect for her, the hilt was shaped like a green horseshoe. Apparently, what happened to Hunter also happened to Kate, because her eyes were green.

"Why did you do that?" Hnter yelled.

"You did it!" Kate said.

"I though you were smarter than me!"

"I still am, Mr. Gaywad!"

"At least I'm a calander!"

"Why is that?"

"Because I can actually have dates!"

Kate muttered something rude.

Then, Hunter lost it. He swung the sword in his hand, and A red glow came from it, the girl from the exorcist came out and ran towards Kate, screaming.

Kate yelled out and swung her sword, a green glow came from her sword and it cut a large branch from a tree. It fell and hit the girl in the face, and she dissapeared.

Hunter and Kate ran toward each other, and the swords struck the other, and a large flash appeared, and Hunter and Kate flew back. They both hit a tree and sank down to the ground.

Hunter and Kate both rubbed their heads, and then, they had an epiphany.

They looked at their swords and said "I know what this is!"

They looked at each other and said: "What is it?"

Hunter said first, "The sword told me something!"

Kate then said, "Mine too!"

Hunter said: "What did your's say?"

Kate repeated what it said:

Hello, Katilyn, I am The Sword of Luck, forged from Tyche, the greek god of luck, and Hecate, the greek goddess of Magic. My powers include giving you infinite luck, power over anyone else's luck, and whoever touches my blade, loses all of their luck, and you gain it. Whenever I am in your presence, your eyes turn Green. You can talk to me telepathically. You can summon me anytime.

Kate stopped.

"Anything else?"

"She told me some attacks I can do telepathically."

"Okay. My- wait, it's a girl?"

"Her voice sounded female."

"Okay. My turn."

Hunter started.

Hello, Hunter, I am The Sword of Fright, forged by Phobos, greek god of Fear, anf Deimos, greek god of Terror and Phobos's brother. My power's include giving you the power over fear. Being able to scare anyone with a swing of a sword, and who ever touches my blade, sees their biggest fear. Whenever I am in your presence, your eyes turn can talk to me telepathically. You can summon me anytime.

"This is amazing." Hunter said after.

"I know." Kate said.

"No one can know about this."

Kate nodded. That's when they heard police sirens.

Hunter and Kate ran.

Swords, dissapear. The two said to the swords telepathically.

They ran into their house, as the police showed up.

One arrived shortly after, in a black car, and observed the Rock.

When the police asked who he was, He looked at them with bloodshot eyes...

...and told them to call him Johnson.

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