Invisible Recognition

Who am I? What is my worth?

I am forgotten and recognized,

A leader with no followers,

I am a friend with no friends,

A song without lyrics,

A book with missing pages,

I am incomplete.

I am like an equation with no numbers,

A mural that is colorless,

I am simple, yet complex,

I look throughout the world for a cause to set my future.

The sun shines over my path, creating shadows that block out its warm rays.

Will they ever reach me?

Can they thaw the ice built around my heart that is broken and still whole?

Would it wilt the thorny vines enveloping my body, restricting my freedom?

Will it break down the glass wall surrounding my mind?

I view the world through cloudy thoughts and glazed eyes, hoping, eternally for a saviour.

From the depths, I dream.