Dozens of panicked parents crowded at the cast iron doors to Southport Academy for a Higher Education.

"Please, release Aria!" screetched one mother, holding a white-knuckled grip on her purse's handle. She looked more mad than sad, but all the same her usually quiet voice yelled louder than anyone else's.

That was my mother.

My name is Aria, pronounced Ah-rye-ah. I was enrolled at Southport after begging my parents to attend it. Of course, I had no idea that the Board of Administration at Southport had already agreed to select me for the school, so my enrollment was simply a piece of luck for them. I also didn't know that the school wasn't just for a 'higher' education, but that it was for nobility of ancient blood - mainly a bunch of dusty old kings and queens. Before you click away from this Mary Sue story - personally, I wouldn't blame you at this point, -listen to the next sentence. I wasn't (and I'm still not) all-powerful, perfect, or even popular. I have gluten intolerance and up until Southport, I was homeschooled. So there. But, on top of ALL THAT, a scandal had just broken of the truth of the Health Administrator.

The children at Southport always graduated then departed on a "senior trip" to Germany's northernmost point. Some (like me), went earlier. We were then given food and was blank. We would wake up in the middle of a seemingly abandoned warehouse, strapped into railroad crates and boxes -

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's start from the beginning.