The streets were left darkened by the ashes of the fire which had consumed the entire neighbourhood, nobody had been able to put out the fire until it was too late, it was as if God had kept it going until those final minutes as the last house was burnt to the ground. Scarlett looked around at all the damage, people, animals, and buildings surrounding the neighbourhood were all coated with the black ash that had floated down from the sky like snow. She turned her face to the sky, smirking at the screams and cries coming from the people around her as they wait for the ambulances to come and save them from the pain of the burns they have suffered, many would die. She could feel their hearts beating slower as the screams died down. Scarlett knew he would be proud of her for creating this carnage; he was going to reward her for a fantastic show.

She turned around and started walking toward the police, her once fire red hair a now raven black due to the excessive amount of ash falling from the sky. No one was going to find her, she was invincible. As she was walking to the police to say she had seen a woman walking away from the fire as soon as it was started, Scarlett saw a little boy his face streaked with tears and his mother and father nowhere to be seen. She stopped in front of him and grabbed his hand, softly as to not scare him and kneeled down to his height. She whispered to him that everything would be okay, and that he would see his mother and father soon. With those few words, she had given him a way to escape this wretched world. He would die in the next few hours at a nearby hospital from inhaling too much smoke. As she finished saving this poor boy from a life-time of pain a hand was placed on her shoulder, she got up calmly and turned to face him, he smiled.

"What a beautiful disaster, don't you agree?" his voice sounded like a sweet, thick honey in her ears.

"Yes...Crimson, it has to be the most beautiful one we've seen yet."

"I will be expecting another one in the next town, better than the one we've seen here today. Am I clear?"

She nodded and looked into his deep green eyes; they were clouded with a deep regret for the human race. "Yes Master..."

He moved his hand from her shoulder to her cheek and she nuzzled it softly, and he let escape the small smile that was only for her. "Be good, Scar." With that he dropped his hand away from her face and walked away.

She was left standing there, her eyes slightly burning from the smoke and from the fact that she was in love with the man who had ruined her life, yet made it something wonderful. Making her into something, non-human, something that would soon destroy him, and he knew it. That was his plan, to make something that loved him so much, that it would have to destroy him and take his place in the world. Killing and destroying others in hopes of finding someone who would in the end, destroy them as well.

He was practically a God in this world.

The falling ash had begun to lighten, which meant it was time for Scarlett to talk to the police then quickly make her departure. She let out a sigh and took her time walking over to the retched pigs that pretended to help the world. As she reached a younger police officer, she smiled sadly at him and put her hands behind my back, hiding the mark he had given her when she was created.

"Officer... I think I saw the woman who started the fire..."

He looked down at her, and grinned. "Scarlett, is that you? I would recognize you anywhere!"

He had dark brown hair that swept over one side of his face and intense blue-green eyes, his clothing included the regular police uniform. After a few moments she realized she had been standing and staring at his body with him smirking in her direction. She shook her head to hide the slight embarrassment and looked up at him to find out he was around 6 feet and 5 inches, almost 13 inches taller than her. After looking him over, she smacked her forehead mentally.

"Nice to see you again, James." She gave him a quick smile that she hoped he couldn't tell was a fake. Her heart was beating loudly, almost as if it wanted out of her chest.

"Nice to see you too, Scar." He was looking into her eyes, almost mesmerized by her presence.

She needed to get out of here, and quickly. "Right, James, the woman went that way." She pointed in a random direction.

"She went east? Hey, Scar... Let me take you out for dinner, to catch up. OK?" He was eager, she knew that.

"I can—"

"Please, it would mean the world to me." He interrupted her.

"Fine," She sighed slightly "Meet me at the Italian place on Main Street. 7 o'clock sounds good." She smiled at him, a genuine one this time.

James gave her a quick hug and ran off and called some more officers in the direction she had pointed, Scarlett watched him leave, amazed at how he had grown. Shaking the thoughts of him out her mind, Scarlett ran off in the opposite direction he had headed. She needed to get cleaned up. She knew he was going to be angry with her. Scarlett's mind was racing with everything that had happened in her life. James was the man she was in love with during her human life. She had left him as soon as she was changed into what she was today. She was scared for him, Scarlett didn`t want him to have to go through anything that she had to go through with him. She quickly found a convenience store and ran into their bathroom; it was empty so she locked the door and faced herself in the mirror.