The bell had rung loudly in her ears as she awoke from her slumber. The noise of morning was not a pleasurable one, but it was a necessity she had to endure. Charlotte rolled over and tapped the off button on the torture machine of the morning. She laid back and stared at the ceiling, her mind slowly coming out of its dreamless darkness. Today was a new day, a new beginning, and it was one that Charlotte was not going to waste. She rose to a sitting position and looked around the barren apartment, her eyes resting on the world outside of the giant window to her left. The sun was rising slowly over the sky causing pink and orange hues to take control of the once black sky. Charlotte brought the blankets closer around her as she began to climb out of bed. It was a slow process, as she was still groggy from the few hours of sleep she had been able to get.

Charlotte tripped slightly as the heavy blanket wrapped around her ankle while she walked to the window but caught herself before she hit the floor. She sighed loudly at her grace and looked out at the city beneath her. Charlotte was not surprised to see tiny figures walking along the streets going about their day. She leaned her head against the window and sighed once more as her long black hair hung in her face, covering her eyes from world below.

"How can anyone enjoy themselves when there are others in pain?" She asked out to the world that would not answer her.

Charlotte rolled her big, blue eyes and tossed the blankets back onto the bed and walked in her black undergarments to the bathroom. She opened the door and held her breath as she walked toward the mirror. Her eyes gazed over her body and smiled as she noticed no new bruises, she had gotten off well this time. Charlotte jumped in the shower and quickly washed away the dirt and smell of him with the scent of lavender and hemp. She scrubbed at any place she knew he had placed his dirty hands with a cloth and then her hands. Her body twitched painfully as she scrubbed roughly at the bruises that had not healed from previous encounters around her ribs and thighs. When Charlotte knew she could not get any cleaner, she turned off the water and quickly pulled a towel around her body.

Charlotte dried herself off and walked back into the bedroom and slowly began to dress. Wincing slightly as the pain of her older injuries came to the surface, she pulled on a long sleeved blue shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans that she noticed was getting a bit big on her. She pulled out a black case and quickly put on some mascara. Once she was done getting ready, Charlotte yawned and rubbed her eyes lightly as she turned to look at the clock.


Charlotte picked up her things and placed them into her bag, she would be back, there was no reason for her packing, but she did it every time she went to leave the dusty wasteland that she called a home. She looked around for anything else she could put in her bag but nothing popped out in her mind to bring. She picked up her bag and placed it next to the door and then pulled on her black combat boots and her leather jacket. She always left before he got home, she never wanted to deal with him while he was drunk, she had enough to deal with when he was sober.

Her eyes scanned the hallways as she escaped the dark building, there was new graffiti on the walls and a few new holes that she was certain he put in. She despised this place, but continued living here in fear of him. He had threatened her countless times that he would find her and make her pay if she ever decided to leave him or this forsaken place. As her mind raced with thoughts of her prison guard, she left the building as was walking in the crisp fall air, unsure where she would go.