Sealing Souls

Written by: Kisuke, Azuhi and Krista.
To: Our familes, friends and Azu's panda plush that made this story happen.

Chapter One:

"We've told you time and time again, Kitade, don't take apart your things! I'm not sewing them back, okay?"

Kitade rolled her eyes as her mother scolded her for the millionth time.

"It'll be fine! You remember my bunny several years ago? I sewed it back better than ever!"

And the eleven year old continued to dismember her panda.
No reply from downstairs, so she turned on her radio and put the stuffing in a pile. She turned the black and white pieces over, examining them. On the biggest part, she found a yellowish paper with strange markings on it, looking like Japanese kanji.
Being a fluent speaker, she could make out 'Sealing code: China'.
Rolling her eyes again, said girl peeled the paper off, only to have it grow warm in her hand.
She dropped it, and it landed on the floor.
A blinding light followed, and when she could see again, a boy about two years older than she sat where the paper was.
He wore the traditional attire of the sons of Chinese farmers in the Song Dynasty.

"Ah! Who are you? Where did you come from? Where's that seal thing?"

Kitade scrambled off her bed and shoved him roughly away, picked up the seal and stared at him.
He smiled and put his hands behind his back, tugging on his ponytail.

"Wǒ Xiang Wu aru yo."

Kitade just blinked, nor understanding.

"Can you say that again? I didn't understand you…"

Ah, darnit, what if he doesn't understand English? Then what'll I do?

"I'm Xiang Wu, aru. I thirteen years old, aru. What is your name, aru?"

Relief washes over me at this moment…. What in the world is going on…

"I'm Kitade Hittoki. Eleven years old. What. Are. You. Doing. Here . Where. Did. You. Come. From. Is all I want to know."

Xiang laughed and climbed onto her bed.

"I here because of Jeruga, aru. I came from past, aru."

Kitade frowned and turned the seal over, then sat beside him.


"It was a normal day, I was helping my Tiān fù (father) in the field-aru. Then big wind blow, aru! Sweep me away! I wake up in bear, aru yo."

He gestured to the piles of fabric, thread and stuffing that was the panda bear.
Kitade put this slowly together and tilted her head.
She was about to say something, but Xiang plucked the seal out of her hands and turned it over.

"This keep me sealed in panda, aru. When you put this back inside panda, I be inside panda too, aru yo!"

Kitade sighed and grabbed her needles and thread.

"Good, then! I don't really know much about the Song Dynasty, and not a lot about this sealing thing you're talking about, but whatever!"

In less than five minutes, the panda was whole once more, and the seal nearly inside the pocket Kitade had made for it.

"Děngdài yī fēnzhōng, aru yo ! Bùyào zuò, rán'ér, aru! Ràng wǒ liú chū, aru yō!"
"I'm sorry I don't speak Chinese…"
"Don't put that back, aru! Let me stay, please, aru!"
"Why? I don't know what to do with you, much less send you back!"
"Please…. Let me stay, aru!"
"Fine. But I put you back at night and when my family is in here, okay?"
"Fine, aru!"

And so, Kitade's uneventful life was thrown into humor-filled chaos, courtesy of Xiang Wu.

A/N: Hello from the Trio Of Hell! xD Not really, but whatever! Kisuke, me and Krista wrote this together! Yep, out first all-out crazy fiction. Tell us what you think! And what nations we should include! THANK YOU~~~!