Sealing Souls – Side Story: Xiang's Bamboo Stick

Written by: The (revised) Trio from Hell. A.k.a everyone who has a profile on this account.

To: AkiraLynn , Phantom-sempai and MysteriousMissSirius

Okay, so Feliks, Krista, Yu-tan and I were talking, and they (the aforementioned three, not including me) said we should do a side story of Xiang's bamboo stick.
–evil laugh- I know it hasn't been around long, (I was actually gonna make it his 'pet' since he doesn't have a real animal. xD) but it needs recognition. I just wrote this A/N, Krista wrote the rest using my format at first, then hers.

"Xiang, wake up and get dressed already!"

Kitade poked his cheek several times, but all she got were a few snores.

"I'm telling mom."

Still nothing.

"Darnit, Xiang, how long are you gonna sleep?! Are you, like, the male version of Sleeping Beauty or something?!"
"What? Hey, that's not – ow!"

Kitade had gotten fed up with shaking him and screaming in his ear, since that wouldn't do anything, so she'd grabbed the bamboo pole he loved so much and whacked his rear end with it.

"I spent half an hour trying to wake you! All I'd get were snores!"
"I-I'm sorry, d-don't hit me again-aru! What's going on, aru?"
"The meeting is today. Get dressed."
"Oh! Yeah, now I remember, aru!"

Kitade sighed, rolled her eyes and went back to her room, saying she'd be waiting for him.
A few minutes later they were headed to the park where Ren, Tatabi, Sebastien and Mikhail were waiting for them.
That day school was out, so they were just hanging out.
Xiang brought his beloved bamboo pole, as usual.

"Hi, Xixi, Kita-chan."

Tatabi smiled and waved, then moved over to sit beside Kitade.
She grinned at them.

"Hi~. Xiang brought his bamboo stick again, because he won't listen to me."
"Baba said I should bring it for self defense-aru! You can't say that-aru!"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

Kitade rolled her eyes and earned a glare from Sebastien.

"Oi! Don't hurt his feelings!"
"I so did not hurt anyone's feelings!"
"Yeah, so shut up, Sebastien."

Tatabi pushed him down, glaring at him and Kitade for making such a fuss.

"Let's wait a bit, 'til it gets warmer."

Ren glanced at the sky, then lay down.

"Good idea. I'm going to take a little walk, da."
"Take me with you, aru! Please, aru?"
"Sure, Xiang! I'd probably get lost without someone who knows more, da. . . ."
"I'll go with you too. Because, yes, you would get very, very lost."

Kitade, who'd been braiding grass beside Tatabi, stood up again.
Xiang pretended to faint, but Mikhail nodded.

"Sure~. Xiang, you coming?"
"Of course I'm coming you big idiots, aru!"

And like that, he was up and running to the nearest trail. Kitade rolled her eyes. "Does he never listen?" Mikhail laughed and shook his head, and both of them began to follow. "Guess not, da!" ". . . .Guess not."

Xiang had slowed down once they reached the trail, and was pacing impatiently, twirling his bamboo pole.

"You're finally here, aru! I waited, aru, for so long!" Kitade was about to tell him it was only about three minutes he waited, but could not, because she was knocked out of the way by Sebastien. "Ow! Hey, you – what the bunny. . . ."

And Xiang got glomped.

"Ohh, Xiang, you looked soo handsome twirling that pole around! Do it again! Again!" Mikhail sighed.

"He's always like that, da?" "Yeah, always. Hey, Sebastien, we were going to walk. You'd better keep an eye on Ren and Tatabi, by the way."

Sebastien pouted and shook his head.

"Non. I want to see my pretty, pretty Xiang twirl the bamboo pole again. And I won't leave until he does." Xiang made a face at Sebastien and pushed him off.

"Fine, I will, but you leave after that." Sebastien nodded. "I promise!"

Xiang quickly twirled the stick, then threw it into the forest. Sebastien hugged him one more time before running back to where Ren and Tatabi were.

They'd been walking for a while making small talk and killing time, when Kitade said it was time to head back.

So they did. When they got back Sebastien glomped Xiang again, resulting in the French boy's head getting hit over and over by Xiang's evil stick.

And that is the story of Mr. Bamboo.