Lean into me closely

And I'll tell you a secret

Listen to me carefully

And I'll share with you a story

The story I tell to you isn't one of action or comedy

It's not filled with horror or fantasy

No, the story I spin for you is laced with tragedy

The tragedy of a girl who only sees herself through a foggy window screen

She doesn't see what the world sees

She doesn't see what I see

Where she sees weakness, I see strength

Where she sees failure, I see success

She doesn't see herself like I see her

She doesn't see the beauty she possesses

Or the glowing personality that brings people closer to her like an echoing beacon

She's trustworthy and kind

She's funny and intelligent

She's the kind of friend you can always lean on

Whether it's for support during hard times

Or for advice for when you are conflicted

She's easy to talk to no matter the topic

From which boys we find attractive

To the frightening thoughts that threaten to push you overboard

No matter if you need someone to lend you an ear

A shoulder to cry on

Or simple a comforting presence

She is always there for you

Complimenting you and revealing strengths you didn't know you had

All the while never acknowledging her own

She doesn't see it clearly but she is beautiful and unique

Like a rare gem, you feel fortunate to be considered her friend

Honored to be given her trust

And blessed to be the one to which she confides her secrets

She is a friend I cannot imagine living without

One that makes me cower at the thought of them no longer being in my life

I'll always cherish the footprints she's left on me

And I hope she feels the same about my footprints on her

She's one of the best people I know

And everything you could desire in a friend

I pray for our friendship to stay intact

And for it to grow and strengthen with each passing year

Like I said in the beginning this story is a tragic one

Because she cannot see that she's one of the best people there could possibly be

She's truly one of a kind

And even if she can't see that clearly

I can and I do