We were safe in this untouchable country of ours.

We were protected from the evils around us.

We were sheltered behind this unbreakable shield.

The Ring was the sole protector of Bonum Annulum. Our country depended on it like a parent, our people relished it as if it were a god itself. With the magic of the Ring, the people of our small land were forever invincible.

Or so we foolishly believed.

Did we not see the gray sky forever draining the color out of our people?

Did we not notice the emotionless faces of those around us?

Did we not notice the vanishing citizens of the slums, gone as if they never once existed?

The guns natually held in the hands of the powerful?

The way we were all just as trapped in this city as those of the outside world were forced away?

There were many things we let slip by, that we tried hard to forget we ever even noticed.

Our people have lived a lifeless life. A limited dream.

If balance was vital throughout the world, then Bonum Annulum was certainly in need of a change. An abundance of laws, of walls, of oppression, of control.

In the hands of its own people lied the great Capitol's fate. An ultimate showdown of values, the manmade order of the city against the natural chaos of the citizens themselves.

Let us break through this cage of light to finally discover the truth behind the great city of Britanniarum. The time has come for the people to arise to greatness.

The barrier of light is beginning to break...