Government Bulletin: On June 12, a suspect killed five officers and walked out of a locked interrogation room without being seen. What follows is a transcript detailing the events.

"Time is now 7 43 am, Sunday, June 12, 2055. Suspect has been informed of her rights. Interrogation may commence. All reactions will be recorded for posterity. State your name and age for the camera, please."

"Margaret Anne Mckenzie. I'm twenty seven."

"Very well, Mrs. Mckenzie..."

"Miss. I've never been married."

"Sorry. Miss Mackenzie, do you know why you're here?"

"No, I don't! I've done nothing wrong! Nothing!"

"Miss Mackenzie, please keep calm."

'Note: Suspect is clutching onto the table. She appears to be angry.'

"Calm down? ! Calm down! You come into my house and drag me out in cuffs, then make me sit in here in this freezing cold room for hours, and won't tell me why I'm arrested, and you expect me to calm down? ! FUCK. YOU."

'There is a brief scuffle with officers, and the suspect is handcuffed to the table leg. She is breathing hard. Interrogation recommences at 8 15 am.'

"Miss Mackenzie, the quicker you cooperate, the quicker this will be over. You were found with contraband material."

"Contraband material? My library, you mean."

"Yes, if that what a collection of printed materials is called. It will pass into the hands of the burners for demolition."

"WHAT? !"

'Another struggle ensues. Miss Mackenzie is attempting to attack interrogating officer.' "Miss Mackenzie, if you do not calm down, I will have you sedated. Is that understood?" 'Miss Mackenzie is cursing, but then she nods and sits back. Interrogation resumes at 8 30.' "According to Federal Law, harboring any material that has not received a Seal of Approval by the Government is a crime punishable by up to twenty years on a prison planet. The raiders confiscated two thousand censored books, five hundred music devices, and three hundred pieces of banned art from your home."

"You forgot the candy bars and fresh fruit."

"There's no need for sarcasm, Miss Mackenzie." 'A shuffling of papers, then the interrogating officer clears his throat. "In light of all evidence against you, you will be remanded into custody until your transference to the prison planet Beta Gamma. Do you have anything to say?"

"No, just that you should have done more background checks on me."

'There is a screeching sound, and Miss Mackenzie breaks out of the handcuff. There is a bright flare of light, then blackness, followed by the sounds of gunfire and shouting. The camera falls over.'


End Transmission.