White Girl Wasted

Celenia coughed after lowering the bottle of UV Cake from her lips. Krysta laughed at her "We just cracked that Cel, you going to make it through the night?" Celenia squinted at her "your the skinny one here...Besides, who's usually the one kissing the porcelain god by the end of the night?" Krysta shrugged "I weigh like 95 lbs, but you know I won't let that stop me!" Celenia chuckled at her friend considered to be so small her nickname was quite literally "The Midget" throughout High School.

A knocking came from the door to her room. Cel hated living at home still. Her nursing career only earned her enough money to buy booze, bud and blow. Krysta took the bottle from her and took a gulp. "You gonna get that?" Celenia gazed at her "Can you get it? Your closer to the door" Krysta gave her a nasty look and got up.

She cracked the door open and could see Alex with Travis Black Hulk Carmen behind him(a nickname he got ironically because he is Puerto Rican). "Heeey guys I haven't seen you in months. I'm pretty sure I left my hat at your house last time we I was there." She wouldn't have even acknowledged them if she hadn't been drinking but it still made Travis smile when he thought about it.

"Yeah I remember you were the one dancing to Odd Future on the dresser right?" he said laughing. Cel looked at Alex blankly "Dan and Brandon not chilling tonight?" Alex shook his head "nah I haven't talked to them today. Plus we are going to chill with Chad and you know how he gets about bringing a bunch of people over..." Cel stared him down questionably "If you're not here to meet up with Brandon, why are you here?"

Alex hadn't a great tastefulness for his little sister. When he was younger he stuck up for her many times and tried to guide her after their fathers death. She just resented him more and more as time passed so Alex let her fall down the slippy, slippery slope that ends in dick.

"I check in with you guys all the time" he said with a defensive tone. She immediately snapped back at him "Only if your in the neighborhood, which is usually when your just meeting up with someone for a deal or to match." Alex just shook his head and waved her off.

Travis trying to break the tension asked "what are you two doing tonight?" Krysta smiled "House party! You guys want to come?" Cel cut in "we aren't sure if we are going yet but if we can go you guys can come" neither of the gentlemen responded to the offer though. Alex knew she didn't really want him to come but Travis had no intention of getting drunk with his boy's little sister.

"Why don't you grab some shot glasses Cel?" She rolled her eyes "Gram will bitch, we still aren't 21..." Alex looked amazed "Me and her have been drinking together since I was 16. Your 20 for gods sake!" Krysta cut in "I guess someone like to play favorites."

This was the source of Cel's resentment. Their grandmother and mother always rewarded Alex more because he usually behaved better and acted more sensibly. Cel felt cheated of a father and the special attention required to nurture her into a healthy human being. She let herself fall into a dark place, but hey, she is still partying it up and having fun. Her life wasn't going anywhere else so what the hell!

It bothered her that Krysta said what she did because it was true. Alex left the room to grab shot glasses and Travis stepped into his place. "So where were you girls planning on going tonight?" Krysta smirked "We were headed down to Joe Champagne's crib." Travis unwittingly told her "Me and Alex were going down to KFC ina little bit to meet Chad. Doesn't Joe live right up the road from there?"

Cel looked over quickly with a grin on her face. "Are you going to offer us a ride?" Travis went on to say "I'm sure Alex wouldn't mind." The two girls looked at each other smiling. Travis didn't know it but if he hadn't said that they would have probably ended up drinking that bottle by themselves in Celenia's room. They were far too lazy to walk to Joe's house let alone walking back drunk. That is why Krysta asked "Any possibility we could get a ride back if we can't find one tonight?" Travis waved his hands in the air "Not my car. You need to ask Alex" realizing he shouldn't have offered them a ride when he wasn't driving.

Alex cut back into the conversation wearing a shot glass on each finger, twirling them as he entered the room. Krysta's face lit up but Celenia raised an eyebrow when she saw that is was four shot glasses instead of two "we were going to save this bottle for the party..." Alex was waiting for that response (or at least something like it) "Well you wanted a ride right?" Cel's expression quickly changed from inquisitive to a scowl. Before she could go off on her older brother her friend (and the true owner of the bottle) threw her arms up -bottle in hand- and exclaimed "Hell yeah! I want to go shot for shot in the parking lot!"

Both the guys smiled ecstatically while Cel pouted. "Don't worry we do plan to match. We just rolled up a nice cone of Orange Diesel. Some nice shit if you ask me!" Krysta and Celenia's night was about to get way better but Celenia couldn't let Alex -always getting his way- stop bothering her. As long as he was having a good time she wasn't.

"So when were you girls planning on heading out because we are ready to dip" Travis asked. "I just need to grab my bag..." Krysta began to turn her head back and forth looking for her missing purse. Cel lifted her ass just enough to see it sitting behind her on the bed. She felt like a fat-ass being surrounded her skinny friends all day. In reality she really wasn't fat(but still a little chubby). She got up cracking her back and handed her helpless friend the bag to which her friend was oh so enthralled to have back in her hands.

"Let's go" she said smiling cheerfully. The group made their way out to Alex's Milan and everyone got in stoked for the night ahead. Alex turned the key and Reptile Theme by Skrillex started playing from his sound system. Of course it was cranked as high as it would go and the bass shook the car as they backed out of the driveway, then turning onto the road.

Krysta was enticed by the ripples in the bottle being made by the incredible bass. Travis put the blunt in his mouth and held a lighter flame to where it wasn't quite touching the end of the cone but heated enough to spark. He took a big ole' rip off of it and handed it off to Alex. Celenia noticed Travis french inhaling and became jealous "you should teach me some smoke tricks sometime Travis." He chuckled "I'll show you the next time we are just hanging out."She knew he meant sarcastically because they never hang out unless he is with her brother.

The blunt got passed toward her and she as she hit it and looked out to window to see her ex John walking down the street looking pretty disorientated. In her mind he was drunk but in reality it would be difficult for a trained physician (like her) to figure out what was actually wrong with him. He was stumbling but not out of lack of coordination, he seemed afraid of the things around him. It was like he was to afraid to touch anything around him. Strange but she was a little to focused on her own situation to even take notice.

She held the blunt out toward Krysta who seemed to also to be distracted by something outside the window. Cel went to tap her on the shoulder and a spark floated down onto her arm. She made sure everyone in that car knew something was wrong with her when her arms flew up and she shrieked in pain from the tiny burn on her arm. In the process of throwing her arms in the air she knocked the blunt from Celenia's hand and into her lap in turn burning her much worse on the inner thigh. She quickly swatted it on the floor and cringed at the pain of the burn, but didn't really make a noise. Trust me it hurt her but she wasn't as much of a bitch as her friend. "What the hell happened?" Alex tried to see them with his rear view mirror. Travis turned around to see Cel picking the blunt up off the ground "Look's like someone fumbled it and got burnt." Cel handed to blunt to Krysta who was still bumming over her burn but the hit made her feel better. Cel went on to defend herself "a spark fell on her and burned her so she freaked out and knock the blunt of of my hand." They all laughed minus Krysta who couldn't get over the tiny burn.

They progressed through the center of town passing the blunt around. While Krysta was still taking note of her burn when Cel noticed there were puddles on the ground. "Has is rained at all tonight?" Travis responded with "Yeah it started around nine. I think it was clearing right as we were pulling up to your house at midnight." Krysta went to check what time it was and was surprised to see it was already 12:45. "How late you think this party is going to go Cel?" Celenia wasn't worried about it, all she cared about was getting fucked up and seeing a boy named Hew(actually Hubert).

Soon the blunt became a roach and Krysta handed it to Travis who rubbed it into the ash tray. It just so happened right as they finished it that they had arrived at KFC. Alex pulled in and scanned the parking lot. "You see Chad's car?" Travis asked. "Nah, but is that Brandon's car?" He said pointing to a shitty old Chevy. Travis squinted his eyes and just shrugged. Krysta shook the bottle between them "You guys still up for shot for shot? Or you going to puss out on me?" Alex looked at how much they already drank (which wasn't much) and decided to ask "How much of that did you want to save?"

Cel wanted to answer for her half the bottle at least, I mean we need to bring something to the party. Krysta shrugged "Those assholes at Joe owe me anyway, let's get hammered!" She was always ready to party. Cel wasn't happy to hear her say that but she wasn't going to turn down the shots they were pouring on the center console. The first they went down pretty easy without a chaser.

After shot #6 Travis's throat was craving something to wash out the horrible flavored vodka. He kept that craving to himself till about shot #10 when Alex began to feel the same way and announced "Damn I need a drink!" Travis nodded at him "I feel you bro, this cake isn't tasting as good as it did." Krysta started to laugh and announced "You want a get be a pad while you girls are in the ladies room drinking tap water with the rest of the bitches who can't hold their booze." Alex raised an eyebrow and looked a Travis who just chuckled. "You could have come up with something better than that Krysta" Cel said pouring another round of shots "How about we all take a shot then go in and grab the girls a-"

Suddenly the roar of a car engine interrupted her as it sped by them splashing a puddle onto the windshield. The guys looked at each other smiling "That was totally Brandon's car" Alex said. "I saw Dan in the passenger seat, they just hauled ass outta the parking lot" Travis pointed out. Right that second Cel spotted her friend Cait standing outside of KFC looking around confused. "Krysta take you're shot and lets go get Cait shes right over there!" Krysta turned her head and her face lit up. She opened the car door an yelled "Caitlin! Honey over here!" without taking her shot.

She slammed the car door shut and all the shot glassed spilled onto the floor. Alex's jaw dropped and he lifted his hands. Celenia bagged the bottle leaned her head next to her brother "Thanks for the ride bro" she gave him a kiss on the cheek and go out of the car. She looked over to Cait who was helping Krysta up from the ground. She tilted her head up to Cel and said "Where's the party at girl?" She got Krysta to her feet and the three hugged in the middle of the parking lot. Alex honked at them aggressively.

Ignoring it "How you two been?" Cait asked. "Fucking hammered!" Krysta yelled. Cait took her by the hand and guided them onto the side walk so they weren't out in the middle of the parking lot. "We've been awesome, partying hard as always!" Cait nodded smiling "Yeaaah girl, what are you doing tonight?" Cel cocked her head back "Party up the street at Joe Champagne's house, want to come?" Cait's eyes widened "Fuck yeah! I haven't seen Joey since High School!" The three of them excited scurried up the street until Krysta tripped off the curb. Then they simply walked to Joey's house.

The small blue apartment building could be heard from down the street. The lights shined out and people were pulling in and out. "I don't know how long we should stay here, this looks like prime local for a beer bust" Cait said. They other two laughed "nah it's usually like this here. It never gets crashed" Cel informed her. Cait just shrugged and kept walking. They walked up the stairs to the party(on the second out of three floors) past a group of people huddling around an ashtray. Krysta wandered off inside spotting booze, bud and babes everywhere. She was in heaven. Meanwhile Caitlin and Celenia stopped at the smokers group and asked for a cigarette receiving one each. They lit up and talked with the group their about stupid little shit.

Krysta was immediately enticed with a bottle of Baileys and the handsome (and muscular) gentleman holding it. She fluttered over (as gracefully as a drunk girl can) and asked this gentleman "You want to pour me a shot honey?" He looked her up and down "You 21?" She rolled her eyes giggling "Psh well yeah" three other gentleman (I use the term more loosely than usual here) laughed at her. He began pouring a shot and she sat down with them "Well are you at least 18?" One of the guys ooooo'ed at him smiling -not only was it clear that he was the drunkest of the three but he made it audibly clear to everyone-. She smiled, took the shot, and then asked "You got something planned tonight buddy?"

Cel put her cigarette out in the ashtray while Cait flicked hers toward the street only making it onto the grass. "Their was an ashtray right here..." Celenia pointed out while Cait just shrugged and turned inside with Cel following her. "So where's Joe I'd like to see him after the past few years" Cait asked looking all over the place noticing some people but choosing not to go say hi. "Should be on the back deck with my man Hew" Cel replied while typing a text. They made their way through the kitchen where they saw Krysta with her new friends who were all laughing together over a joke.

Celenia leaned over next to Krysta "Found a boy toy for the night?" she asked chuckling. Krysta did a double take just to make sure it was Celenia then decided to introduce her "everyone this is my great friend Cel and shes here to get trashed." The one Krysta was after asked nodding "Hey, good party right?" "We just got here, I'll let you know when I'm drunk" she told him just to put him off; she was only here to talk to her friend. She whispered to Krysta "Be careful with this guy, I think he has the clap" she warned her friend.

Celenia and Cait progressed onto the deck where Joe was alone looking at the sky with a blunt hanging off his lip. When Cait walked up to him he looked down at her coolly saying "Where have you been all my life?" She stared at him dumbfounded "What?" Then he hugged her and swung her in the air "I haven't seen you in mad long Cait!" he put her down "Where the fuck have you been and why are you at my fucking party?" She pointed at Cel "She brought me, and I have been working more and partying less. Seems like you did the opposite." He raised his arms up "I might not have a mansion anymore but I live more than I ever did up in that shitty house. I'm glad I'm a poor bastard like my friends." Cait thought was kind of a stupid ideal; who would rather be poor than rich. "I don't know man, that was a pretty awesome place you had" she told him laughing.

Hew sneaked up behind Celenia tickling her sides causing her to do her trademarked jump and squeak that he was looking for. She turned and saw him "Hew!" she hugged and kissed him. He looked at her excited "Follow me!" he took her arm,pulled her inside and down two flights of stairs, all the way into the basement. Their was a grav bong that mimicked one that they smoked off together the day the met. It was made out of a Hawaiian Punch bottle and a plastic tub.

To her it was a token of affection to be cherished. She immediately pulled out her phone and took a picture of them with the bong. In the picture a tear was welling in her eye. She turned to him and held him close to her kissing him passionately. He quickly pushed her away. She asked "What is wrong?" His face was beat red. "Hew? Are you okay?"

He fell to the ground and loudly announced "I feel really hot!" She looked at him strangely "What do you mean?" She knelt down to him "Hew? Are you alright Hew?" She started sweating "I need to get out of here!" He shoved her onto the ground. He got up and ran toward stairs leading to the basement hatch. He started to slam the metal which created an ear piercing bang. He slammed, and slammed and slammed but it just wouldn't budge.

Krysta felt like she was kissing an Arabian man's ass. This dude didn't have a beard, but what he did have was thick and nasty. She hammered and didn't give a shit though. She pushed him away and got off the bathroom sink reaching for her phone. "Yeah Cait's going to get it in!" She announced to the guy (she still didn't get his name) who just replied with "so are we." He went to kiss her neck and she pushed him back "Hey I may be drunk but I'm not that drunk!"

His eyes narrowed "Excuse me bitch?" She laughed "What did I do?" Blood rushed to his face and he scowled. His lip lifted revealing his grinding teeth. Krysta turned pale and felt chills crawl up her back. Her head started to spin and his face became blurry. Before she knew it projectile vomited onto the gentleman. He didn't even look at it. His hands gripped the hair and the sides of her head and smashed it into the mirror behind her.

Cait kept trying to get the blunt from Joe who held it directly above his head. She had to reach up pressing herself against him. They both smiled at each other every time she jumped into him before she gave up. "Come on what about all the times I smoked you up when you were younger?" He smirked at her "What about all the times I fucked you for free? I figure you owe me weed." She chuckled and grabbed the blunt from him quickly. "Yeah sure buddy, you were a great lay" she scoffed sarcastically. Right before she put the blunt to her lips a loud smashing noise coming from below them drew her attention.

She and Joe went and leaned over the railing watching as Hubert climbed from a basement window and sprinted through neighbors yards. "What the fuck man? Where the fuck do you think your going?" Joe screamed into the night. Hubert ran straight through a picket fence and continued running hard. The two looked at each other dumbfounded when suddenly behind them a girl was heard screaming. They both turned and looked through the screen door to see a girl with her jaw dropped at the entrance to the bathroom.

Celenia approached the basement door. She was so confused and so scared. Thoughts like did I do this to him, was he just nervous, has he been doing drugs andran through her head. But when she looked at the basement door her heart sunk. She fell to her knees and put her hand over her mouth. She couldn't hold back tears for some reason. The door was covered in blood and dents that were each about 9 inches deep. She was completely awestruck.