Hey peeps! Im at a camp in Cali...it's a writnig camp XD I've cranked out so many things so far it's so amazing. Anyway, just thought I'd share this with you. Last night we had this poet called Ben Mirov come in and give a 'lecture' on his poetry books and stuff. Amazing lecture, totally look him up. He gave out his book to us free- called Ghost Machine- and I got mine personally signed.

He invented this type of poetry called 'Machine Poetry' It's so legit. I love it. I'm going to be doing a lot I think ;) It's super easy and I can write the steps down at the end of this- the 'algorithem' of writing this type of poetry. Here's my first try at 'Machine Poems'- It's a lot of stuff. Written last night (the 19th) some of you will get some references, some may not. It's supposed to be a bit confusing...

Before Machine

He's more creative than he thinks. He's getting out tonight. The dollar bill is still crumpled in my wallet. I told him later, not now. It's vanishing. She made the audition. I can't stop the 'what ifs'. Memories of nostalgic brittle branches. Such a Barbie. Whatever happened to the glasses and academics? We sat vigil for those tickets. He ruined it. She's the Gwen, or Mathea, Syd or Michael. Remember- they all have a reason for being here. I want to return. I want everything, Bertie, to stay the same. She's a face I can't put a cohesive memory to. Counting down with torn emotion. It will never all fit. I want to burn it. Goldfish, maybe? It will be hard leaving. Why'd they have to take it that far? It's a home you can always rely on. I wish to relate, but lie. I'm so godamn dramatic. Should have stayed there. We're just kids. I've been living under a rock without signal. Midnight and I am still the owl. A short story, really, was it? I am show. The sketches are 3rd hour theology. We watched the City Burn.

There it is! Super easy to write but packed with a ton of emotion. A lot of people cried while reading theirs. I teared up a bit. And I NEVER cry. But the point is that it is supposed to be made up of emotions. Here's the steps...

1) Think of things. Think of ie- a movie you've seen. What's the first thought that comes into your brain? Write it in a short sentance. You don't have to say the movie's name at all. If you've just seen Brave, and you your thought was 'It was for older kids' put that down. Id dosen't matter if only you know what your talking about. It makes it mysterious. Write about 15-20 or more short sentences like this.

2) Collage them. I'm saying put them in an order that makes sense to you. Maybe it's the way your brain flows, putting similar ideas together, or just jumbling them up.

3) Give it at title. Always have it be 'BLANK Machine' (This one is called Before Machine).

Super easy. Really, it digs into your inner thoughts because those are logically the first things you think about. It's really fun. More types like this to come soon, although I'm just putting them all under this one 'strory' instead of making like 2000 seperate parts like other poems. Capice?

Love all you guys! Be back with more poetry soon.