Not Machine

So long. Broken glass cities that glitter. The most powerful craving in the world. Why can't we all have him? Being hit with a tire iron sucks like hell. I wrote that before we were anything. Scrawls in calligraphy like it's not just a pen. I usually don't disobey. One to rule them all. I wish I were really as glamorous. He's strong and sturdy, and painted black of night and orange of light. My rock shattered. Is she taking care of him? Why won't it come like before? It was handed on a silver platter. We drink our wine and wonder why we're really here. It's too hot, but not loud enough. The sense of dread. Maybe I'll cry. I'm suffocating. I can't help but feel like this. Squirrel. Now I see why she does. I can't help to it. He reminds me, and it's not a good thing. And its' poison, not the wolf. I am lucky, but I pray for them. It's overacting. The smirk, the shrug, the crooked smile. It will never be The Bracelet, but let's pretend. One note can play the most mournful sadness. I'll never be one of them. It swells in my chest like a balloon. If you never leave homeā€¦Nothing left to say. She bows like ballerinas. Conform to what they say. I want 2nd grade. We were so young, we had no idea. When he plays, the veils lift. Why can't I create something so beautiful? I think I'm broken. Everything ceases to be this pointless. Life goes on, but I do no. I am not. I am not.

Second Machine poem. Maybe I'll write one everyday. They're really fun. Even so I still think the first one I did was better. Eh well. This one has a lot of song references. Cookies if you can guess all of them! This one isn't quite as sad. Well, sorta. Okay it is. Yeah