I sent this to Scholastic, hoping they might publish it. I gave them a 90 day respond day limit. Afterwards, I learned that I would likely not here back from them without an agent. I am not sure how to get an agent and I've decided that I don't want to publish this particular book. So I'm submitting it here to . I hope you guys enjoy.

It was just a regular afternoon in Salem, Oregon. Jake and his friend Chase were walking home from school. Jake had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was kind of tall. Chase had black hair and blue eyes. He was tall. They talked about lots of things on their way home, like how awesome gym class was today. Chase had to cross the street to get to his foster home. Jake kept going straight. After a few minutes he remembered that Chase wanted him to remind him how to do their math homework. Jake turned around and ran back to where he had split up with Chase. He crossed the street and ran to catch up with Chase. Then he saw him. "Chase," Jake yelled. But then he saw something horrible. He saw Chase getting pulled into a strange black car. The guy that pulled him in looked out of the car at Jake. Then he slammed the door shut and sped away. Jake walked home feeling sad. His best friend had just been kidnapped in front of him and he hadn't been able to do anything about it.

Jake walked to school the next morning. But when he was almost there he saw the car that belonged to the people who had kidnapped Chase the day before. He knew he was in danger. He started running but the car sped up until it was right next to him. Three men dressed in black jumped out. The letters R.S.O. were printed in white on their shirt. Jake tried to figure out what it meant but they tackled Jake and roughly pulled him into the car. "Ow," he yelled in pain knowing there wasn't anybody around to hear him. "Shut it boy or I'll hurt you," one of the men yelled. Once he was in the car two of the men got into the back with him and the other got into the driver's seat. Jake stared out the window silently. As soon as they opened the door he would make a run for it. Finally, after about ten minutes the car stopped and the door opened. Jake threw himself out of the car and started running. Then he tripped and did a face plant into the ground. When he got up he wiped all the blood off his face, hands, and knees. One of the men was running toward him. He had no strength left to run though. The man dragged him back to the car. But they didn't get in. Instead they headed into the forest on the edge of the town. When he was little Jake was always afraid of this forest. It was really dark at night. They dragged him deeper into the forest until they reached a river. They led him to a tree where four other kids were already tied up. The men shoved him to the ground next to the tree and tied him up. He looked around at the other four kids. They all seemed about his age except for one little boy who looked about six. He was obviously terrified. He had blue eyes and short black hair. He was short. Then he recognized somebody. It was Chase. His short black hair was in a mess and he was looking straight at Jake. He lifted both of his hands up and did his best to wave which is hard when you're tied up. He also recognized Trenton who also went to his school. Trenton had short blonde hair and brown eyes. He was kind of tall. Trenton's parents were dead. He lived in the same foster home as Chase. Actually the reason Chase was at the foster home was because his parents were dead too. Jake didn't recognize the other person. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was tall. Jake could tell by the look on her face that she was determined to escape. "Should we get the other one," one of the men asked turning to face the one that had pulled Jake into the car. "Who? Collin? I got him yesterday," the other one replied. Jake looked up. Collin was both his and Chase's best friend. He lived in the foster home with Chase and Trenton. His parents had dropped him off in front of the police station when he was only a year old. He had been missing since yesterday. One of the men came toward them. One by one he untied them. "Hi," Jake whispered to Chase. "Hi," Chase whispered back. The man led them deeper into the forest making sure none of them made a run for it. He stopped when they reached a river. Then without any warning he pushed Trenton into the water. Then he pushed the little boy in. By the time anyone had realized what had happened Chase had been pushed in too. Jake was about to make a run for it but the man quickly pushed both him and the girl in. The first thing Jake noticed was that there seemed to be light coming up between the rocks at the bottom of the river. Then he felt weird as if the light was drawing energy from everything around to him. Then everything went black. When Jake awoke he was sitting in his house. Only, his house was destroyed. The walls were broken in half. Everything was tipped over and the roof was completely gone. The carpet was torn and scorched. Jake walked to where the door had once been and exited the house. He gasped. The whole town was destroyed. Then all of a sudden he was back at the river gasping for breath. He swam to the surface and took a deep breath. The man was gone and Trenton, Chase, the little boy, and the girl were already out of the water. There was someone walking toward them. Jake realized that it was Collin. "Join me. We can destroy those who oppose us," Collin said. "What are you talking about," Chase said. "You don't realize what has happened? We can take over the world," Collin said. "I don't know what you're talking about but you've obviously lost it so we aren't going to join you," Jake said. Collin glared at Jake. Then a huge boulder rose into the air and sped toward Jake. Jake knew even though it was impossible that somehow Collin had done it. It wasn't like telekinesis. It was more like levitation. Jake dodged. Then a whole bunch of tiny pebbles charged through the air and hit him in the face. If it had been one or two pebble it wouldn't have been a problem. But it was a handful and when they hit Jake in the face it hurt a lot. Several pebbles hit the little boy too. Collin retreated knowing that there was nothing more to do here. Jake ran toward the little boy. He had fallen on the ground crying when the pebbles hit him. "Are you okay," he asked the boy. The boy looked up and nodded. "What's your name," Jake asked. "Sam," the boy said. "Well I think your going to be okay, Sam. I'm Jake," Jake said, helping him up. "That's my sister with the blonde hair. Her name is Summer. Our mom and dad died," Sam said. "Oh, well that sucks," Jake said. He glanced at the girl. She was glaring at her brother. Obviously she didn't want him telling strangers so much about them. They all headed back toward the town without a word. Jake didn't tell anyone about the town being destroyed. When they were almost back to the town Chase freaked out and started screaming and yelling. Then his eyes turned sea green. He fell to the ground. Then fire started shooting from his hands. Trenton saw the fire and started to freak out too. He fell to the ground just like Chase but his eyes didn't change color. Then water started shooting out of his hands. When both the fire and water stopped Chase's eyes turned brown again and he stood up. "What happened? I blacked out and then the next thing I knew I was on the ground," he said. "Me too," Trenton said standing up. "Your eyes turned green and fire shot out of your hands," Sam said staring at Chase in amazement. He turned to Trenton. "And then water shot out of your hands," he said. They both turned to Jake with doubtful looks on their faces. Jake just nodded. Summer acted as if it wasn't strange at all. "I think everyone should stay at my house tonight so we can figure what happened in that river," Jake said. "Okay," Chase said. "I guess," Trenton said. "Absolutely not," Summer replied. "Please, Summer," Sam begged. "No," she said. "Please," Sam repeated. "Fine," Summer said reluctantly. There was no point in going to school four hours late so they headed straight to Jake's house. On the way Jake was surprised to see the city wasn't destroyed and neither was his house when they arrived. He led them all through the front door into the living room, glad to see nothing damaged when they entered. The white carpet wasn't scorched. The decorations weren't tipped over and destroyed. The roof was still on the house. And the door wasn't missing. "You can sit on one of the two couches or in the bean bag chair," Jake said pointing to all three. Trenton dove onto the bean bag chair. Jake sat in between Chase and Summer on one of the couches. Summer moved to the other couch. Sam went to sit by Jake. "Sit by me," Summer ordered him. Sam looked at her. "No," he said. "I said sit by me," she yelled. Sam yelled out in surprise and went to sit by Summer as if he were being controlled. "What happened? I like blacked out or something," Summer said. "You yelled at me to sit by you and then it was like something invisible was pushing me toward the couch. I couldn't stop myself from moving. It was weird," Sam said. "You blacked out," Jake asked. "Yes," Summer said. "Isn't it strange? Chase and Trenton blacked out when the water and fire shot out of their hands. You blacked out when you somehow forced Sam to sit by you. And I blacked out in the river when I saw the town destroyed," Jake said. "Hold on a second. You never said you saw the town destroyed when you were in the river," Trenton said. Jake remembered that he hadn't told them about it. "I didn't think it was important. But what I think is that the river did something to us. I think it gave us some kind of abilities. That's why Chase can shoot fire from his hands and why Trenton can shoot water from his hands. And Summer has mind control," Jake replied. "But what can you do," Chase said. "Who knows? Maybe I just see random things," Jake suggested. "And what about Sam," Summer asked. "I guess we'll find out," Jake said. "I need to go call my mom and tell her you'll all being staying here tonight. She'll be home soon. And when I'm done Trenton and Chase can call their foster parents and tell them," he added.