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They arrived in Rome, Italy eight days later. They had taken several planes each day and would soon be out of money.

"What are we going to do when we run out of money," Sam asked.

"We'll figure something out," Chase promised him.

"But we can't use U.S. money here," Bailey said.

Chase hadn't thought about that. They would have to use euros here. "We'll find some money," he said.

They started to head toward the exit, but a guy motioned for them to come to him. The guy seemed to be around eighty years old. He had short gray hair and a long beard. He was very short and skinny. He had brown eyes.

"Stay here," Chase said to the others as he walked toward the man.

"Come here," the man said as Chase got closer.

He obeyed. "Who are you and what do you want," he asked.

"I am Draugui and I want to help," the man said.

"What do you mean," Chase asked.

Draugui handed Chase a pillowcase. When Chase looked in it, he saw that it was filled with euros.

"Thank you," Chase said looking up at Draugui.

Draugui just nodded and walked away. Chase turned and ran back to the others. "Look what he gave us," Chase said to them.

"Euros," Bailey said looking in the pillowcase. Chase nodded.

"Let's find a hotel," Summer suggested.

They all agreed. They looked for about an hour before they found a hotel. It was called Hotel Katty. They paid 816,00 euros, which was equal to 111,458 U.S. dollars. That was enough money to get them three rooms for five days. If the R.S.O. didn't attack them again they would pay more money and stay longer. They decided that Bailey and Summer would get one room. Sam and Jake would get another room. Trenton and Chase would get the last room. Once in their room, Chase and Trenton unpacked their stuff. Chase decided to leave some of his stuff packed since they might have to leave at any moment.

He gasped as water fell on his head. He heard Trenton laughing. He stopped laughing as his jacket caught on fire.

"Oops," Chase said smirking.

Trenton glared at Chase as water flew through the air and extinguished the fire. Then the water flew at Chase's face.

Chase dodged. "Enough," he yelled.

Trenton didn't reply or throw anymore water.

The next day Chase awoke. He looked across the room at Trenton's bed. It was empty. He must have gone to get breakfast. Chase decided to check on everyone else. He walked out of the hotel room and saw Trenton and Bailey talking very softly. They turned toward him as he walked over to them.

"I just got my second ability," Bailey said.

"What is it," Chase asked.

Bailey turned toward Trenton. A very small drop of water appeared in front of him. Chase could tell by the look in his face that he was concentrating very hard. The drop of water didn't get any bigger. After a few seconds it started to grow until it was a little bigger than Chase. He knew that Trenton wasn't powerful enough to make that big of a drop of water.

The water disappeared and Bailey turned to face Chase. "I can make abilities stronger and weaker," she said.

"Congratulations," Chase said. He noticed that she didn't seem happy about this ability.

"It's too dangerous," she said.

"What is," Chase asked.

"This ability," she replied.

"Not as long as you use it right," Chase said.

She just nodded and walked away toward her room. Trenton went to get breakfast.

Chase woke up to the sound of someone outside the hotel room. It had been four days since Bailey had received her second power. She didn't seem as upset about it anymore. Chase grabbed his watch from his pocket. It was 3:00 A.M. He realized it was his birthday. He decided not to have a party. It would draw too much attention.

He got up and opened the door. Summer was standing by it. He was about to ask her what she was doing when he saw that her hand was on fire. But it wasn't regular fire. It was green. Then it turned blue. And then red. It kept changing color. Summer looked up and saw Chase. The fire disappeared.

"How did you do that," Chase asked, puzzled.

"My third ability," she said.

"I can change its color," she added.

Chase just stood there, confused. He was the one that could manipulate fire.

"It's not fire," Summer said as if to answer his question.

"Then what is it," Chase asked.

She shrugged. "It looks and feels like fire, but its not," she said, trying to explain it more.

Chase nodded to show that he understood it a little more. He proceeded back into his room.

The next morning Chase woke up and heard yelling outside the room. He hurried out of the room and saw Sam, Bailey, Jake, Summer, and Trenton fighting Collin. Bailey was in the form of a cheetah. She launched herself at Collin. Collin caught her by the neck and chucked her at a nearby wall.

Then he did something that surprised everyone except Jake. He started to get bigger and bigger. As his head hit the ceiling it started to break and fall to the floor. Chase dodged a huge piece as it fell toward him. He saw Jake dodge a piece as well. Pieces kept falling. One fell toward Sam. He didn't move in time and it fell on his leg. Chase ran toward him, but before he got there Collin swung his huge hand at him, sending him flying through the air. He landed a few feet away. He looked for Sam and found him trying to get his leg out from under the big piece of the ceiling. Collin seemed to realize he had done a lot of damage, because he retreated after kicking Summer into a wall.

Chase tried to lift the stone off of Sam's leg. It wouldn't budge. He decided he could burn it, but he would also have to burn Sam's leg off. But then he realized that without a doctor, Sam would lose his leg anyway. And they couldn't go to a doctor, because they asked too many questions.

Chase knelt down next to Sam. "I can get rid of the stone but you'll lose your leg," he said.

Sam looked up at him. He was obviously in pain. His forehead was covered in sweat and his face was twisted in pain. "It hurts," he said.

"I know," Chase said.

"Please do whatever it takes to get it off me," he said.

Chase stood and concentrated. The stone lit on fire. Chase concentrated harder and the flames grew bigger. Sam yelled and thrashed as the flames reached his leg. A few minutes later all that was left of the stone and Sam's left leg was ashes.

Summer walked toward them to see what was going on. When she saw what had happened she turned toward Chase. "What did you do," she screamed.

"It was the only way to get him out from under the stone," Chase explained.

He heard Summer gasp and turned to look at her. She was looking at Sam. When he looked he gasped too. A new leg was forming where the other one had been. Sam was unconscious. He woke a few minutes later.

"What happened," he asked.

"You received your third ability," Chase said. "You can heal yourself, maybe others as well," Summer said, amazed.

He looked at his leg and yelled out in joy. He stood and walked around. "I can still walk and run," he said happily.

"We have to leave," Chase said.

Several hours had passed since Collin had attacked. Chase, Summer, Trenton, Sam, Jake, and Bailey were all gathered in Jake and Sam's hotel room.

"We should go back to the U.S.," Summer said.

"How about New York, New York," Jake suggested.

Chase was about to agree when someone knocked on the door.

Chase ran and opened it to reveal Draugui. "Can I come in," he asked.

Chase nodded. "This is the guy from the airport," he said to the others as Draugui entered.

"How'd you get here? The ceiling collapsed and blocked anyone from getting into this part of the hotel," Jake asked, curiously.

"I was in this area of the hotel when it collapsed," Draugui said.

"What do you want," Summer asked.

"I know of a place where you won't be followed," Draugui said.

"Where," Chase asked.

"It's between North America and Europe," Draugui replied.

"But there's nothing between North America and Europe except for the Atlantic Ocean," Bailey said.

"Unless you've got abilities like the six of you, you can't get to it," Draugui said. "You'll just teleport from one end to the other without abilities," he added.

"How many people are living there," Summer asked.

"I am the only person who has ever discovered it," Draugui replied.

"What's it called," Sam asked.

"Astuntas," Draugui replied.

"Let's go," Chase said.

They all agreed although Summer was a little reluctant. They had packed their bags earlier and were ready to go. Draugui concentrated on a wall and a tunnel appeared where the wall had been.

"It's a portal," Draugui said.

Chase entered it followed by Summer, Jake, Sam, Bailey, and Trenton. Draugui didn't follow them. Once they were all in the portal everything went black. Chase couldn't see anything. After a few minutes the portal started to spin. Chase was flung around the portal as it spun. And then he became unconscious.

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